Sept. 7: daughter to Amber and Austin Espe, Minot.

Sept. 9: daughter to Cassidy and Cody Davis, Minot; son to Dawn and Trace Armstrong, Rolette.

Sept. 11: daughter to Madison and Phillip Kellogg, Minot; daughter to Kaytlyn Schon and Isiah Chase, Belcourt.

Sept. 12: daughter to Alexis and Mike Baker, Minot.

Sept. 13: daughter to Maria Peltier and Oscar Nunez, Belcourt.

Sept. 14: daughter to Kari Fritel and Casey Mattson, Rolette; son to Miranda and Isaac Massey, Minot.

Friday: daughter to Cierra BlackBird and Spencer Snow Jr,. New Town; daughter to Shelby Marcellais and Terrance Breland, Belcourt.

Sunday: daughter to Ashlyn Clemenson Brummond and Joshua Keller, Bottineau.


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