Tuesday, May 21: son born to Elizabeth and Joshua Fossum, Hurdsfield.

Thursday: son born to Amber Greenlee and Kelly Wittmayer, Stanley.

Friday: daughter born to Stephanie and Joshua Kranig, Minot.

Friday: daughter born to Miranda and Alvaro Aguilera, Minot AFB.

Friday: twin son and daughter born to Bobbi Jo and Abdiel Glaze, Minot AFB.

Friday: son born to Kylee Conway and Brandon Brodehl, Westhope.

Saturday: son born to Calee and Nolan Young, Velva.

Saturday: son born to Kaitlyn and Stephen Riordan, Minot.

Saturday: son born to Harmony and Daniel Wilkie, Minot.

Saturday: son born to Caitlyn and Joseph-Luis Kilgo, Minot AFB.

Sunday: son born to Kimberly and Jace Bush, Minot.

Monday: daughter born to Sadie and Caleb Wells, Minot.