Wednesday: Daughter born to Kallie and Tyler Stevens, Glenburn.

Wednesday: Son born to Mary Ann and Jami Barrow, Minot AFB.

Thursday: Son born to Mallory and Clifford Edwards, Powers Lake.

Thursday: Daughter born to Taylor Countess Terry and Mason Terry, Minot AFB.

Thursday: Daughter botn to Tiona Azure and Joseph Vivier, Minot.

Friday: Son born to Aliya and Robert Moon, Minot AFB.

Friday: Daughter born to Tara and Eric Hiatt, Minot AFB.

Friday: Son born to Kimberly and Jose Vargas-Salazar, Minot.

Friday: Daughter born to Savanna and Dan Hendrickson, Crosby.

Friday: Daughter born to Brittany and Mark Douts, Powers Lake.

Saturday: Son born to Kelsey and Tyler Carroll, Velva.

Saturday: Son born to Ashley and Brian Ross, Minot.