Trinity Hospital

Wednesday: daughter born to Melissa and Nathan Schneider, Max.

Thursday: daughter born to Aubrie and Nicholas Ziegler, Minot.

Thursday: daughter born to Anne and Jesse Puckett, Powers Lake.

Thursday: daughter born to Toni and Aaron Davey, Papillion.

Thursday: son born to Emma and Austin Ohara, Minot.

Thursday: son born to Melanie and Anthony Schuh, Drake.

Friday: son born to Shelly Smith and Kedarious Nelson, Minot.

Friday: son born to Amy Hawkenson and Andrew Smith, Burlington.

Saturday: daughter born to Liza and C.V. Solorza, Minot.

Saturday: daughter born to Dawanna Carter and Robert E. Smith III, New Town.

Sunday: daughter born to Sean Deja Walkingeagle, Fort Totten.

Monday: daughter born to Brittany and Devin Blada, Minot.

Monday: son born to Lacey Champagne and Johnathan Desjarlais, Belcourt.