Trinity Hospital

Tuesday: daughter to Sara Dotson, Minot.

Thursday: daughter to Marissa and Kyle Shelkey, Berthold; son to Cheryl and James Walsh, Minot; son to Kayla and Nathan Cartwright, Minot.

Friday: daughter to Virginia and Stephan Goodwin, Minot; daughter to Felicia Ramos, Minot; daughter to Hailey Helm and Adam Fredricksen, Minot; son to Courtney Evenson and Max Arbacauskas, Surrey; son to Amanda and Donald Kersten, Minot; son to Kastle Johnson and Dane Reing, Minot.

Saturday: daughter to Bailey Hanson and Michael Hanson, Minot; son to Ashlee and Nathan Ker, Minot; son to Michelle and Matthew Grubbs, Minot.