Trinity Hospital

Wednesday: daughter to Christina Watkins, Minot.

Thursday: son to Samantha Belgarde and Gary Azure, Rugby; daughter to Jessica and William Deveau III, Minot; daughter to Cheryl Burkett and John Brown, Minot; son to Cassandra and Samuel Fry, Minot; son to Kelsey and Trenton Howard, Minot.

Friday: son and daughter to Megan and Ryan Quinn, Minot AFB; daughter to Ashley and Cody Morgan, Minot; son to Kelsey and Corey Mahone, Minot; son to Katelyn Erwin, Minot; son to Haley Rayburn and Ernest Hase, Minot; son to Rachel and Chad Schmidt, Minot; son to Tabrina Rogge and Dustin Klingman, Minot.

Saturday: daughter to Barbara Weaver and Scott Van, Minot.