Walk around with Prairie Sky Breads

Local eatery holds weekly walking club

Today at 10 a.m., Prairie Sky Breads will be hosting another Prairie Sky Breads Walking Club. Starting at the Minot Area Council of the Arts Building, walkers will head to Roosevelt Park where they will do one lap before returning back to the MACA office.

“The route is easy and makes it accessible for a wide range of community members – including some of our youngest participants in strollers,” said Travis Gerjets from Prairie Sky Breads.

The walk will take roughly 30 minutes and will span around 2 miles.

The walks have been held for a few weeks now and will continue every Friday at 10 a.m. during the summer months with a break next Friday, July 5. Prairie Sky Breads started doing the walks as a way to get a little exercise and a way to get to meet new people.

“It has been just a fun way to get to know some folks in our community a bit better,” said Gerjets.

Every walker will get a free cup of coffee to either bring with on the walk or to enjoy later.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more questions, people can reach out to prairieskybreads@gmail.com.