Comments By Kim: No fishing club

Minot missing out

Devils Lake has the Lake Region Anglers Association. The Jamestown area has the Dakota Anglers. Bismarck has the Great Planers Trout and Salmon Club and Bis-Man Reel & Rec Club. Fargo boasts two fishing organizations as well — Muskies Inc. and FM Walleyes Unlimited.

Minot? None. No fishing group at all. Yuk!

Some of the clubs are so well thought of that they have been inducted into the North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame. Others probably will be in the next few years.

Sadly, Minot has no organized fishing club. Oh, there’s an abundance of fishermen and those interested in outdoor issues, just no organized fishing club. No exchange of ideas. No friendly gatherings. No causes to support or promote. No fishing derby to raise money for a worthy cause. No walleye, pike, or bass league. No fishing outings for kids or assisting high school anglers.

Several years ago Minot did have a rather large and active fishing club, the Happy Hookers. That group did a lot of good things but eventually dwindled away. A couple of attempts to start up a fishing club in Minot since the demise of the Hookers have not borne fruit.

I’ve heard the reasons why. Everybody wants to fish, not spend time at a get-together. Everyone’s busy with something else, no time for a fishing club. I can relate to all of it, but I’m just not quite buying it. Fishermen, I think, should set aside a few hours a year for the benefit of others, young fishermen and conservation causes and the like.

We have pretty good fisheries in our state and need to do what we can to protect them and introduce the next generation of anglers to a terrific lifetime pursuit. Rewarding stuff too, from sharing sunrises and sunsets, to the enjoyment of hooking into a few fish, and helping others a bit less fortunate enjoy what many of us enjoy on a frequent basis.

The North Dakota Sportfishing Congress is a blanket organization that represent all of the state’s fishing clubs. The Congress often deals with fishing-related issues that come before our legislative leaders. Minot should have some input into that.

But first the city and the region needs some type of angling organization. It would be nice to see, important too. I’m guessing other fishermen in the area have similar thoughts.

Now, the question is, who is going to try and get a local fishing club up and running? I hope someone steps up to get it done. If so, count me in.


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