Gift ideas for the sportsman

Metal detectors can be used anytime during the year, making them an excellent gift choice for the sportsman on your list. Minelab’s VANQUISH Series of metal detectors feature multi-frequency technology, which allow them to find any metal in any soils at any time. Minelab says their metal detectors can turn a “road trip into an adventure” by giving the owner “more chances of finding relics, coins, jewelry and more.” Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo ¨¨Puppet Minnow Another offering for ice fishermen is the new Northland Rattlin’ Puppet Minnow that features a glass rattle while retaining the darting and swimming action of the original Puppet Minnow. The Puppet Minnow has both a treble hook and wide-gap hook for better hooksets and can be fished through the ice or on open water.
Submitted Photo ®®Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon If you have a fisherman on your list then a proven bait for winter walleyes makes a great gift. Northland Fishing Tackle professional Joel Nelson rates Northland’s Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon as a top-5 winter walleye getter. The iconic jigging spoon is predicated on its audible, fish-drawing brass Buck-Shot rattle. Northland fuses the signature brass rattle into a formed depression on the lure body. The spoons are available in a variety of weights and colors, including ultra-violet patterns.
Submitted Photo ∂Micro Revolution 5.0 Camera Aqua-Vu calls their micro Revolution 5.0 camera the “ultimate in user-friendly underwater viewing.” Additionally, Aqua-Vu offers an Integrated Camera Reel System for effortless deployment and retrieval. Although popular with ice fishermen, Aqua-Vu cameras can be used in a variety of open water application as well. The company says the Revolution 5.0 has an “extra bright five-inch high resolution LCD that is easy to read in bright, sunny conditions” and is “completely waterproof for all-weather performance.”
Submitted Photo ®Bowie shirt The Bowie shirt by Dakota Grizzly is a great choice to put under the tree for any sportsman on your list. Remarkably soft, the Bowie’s double-brushed Arctic Fleece stretches for comfort. In addition to a good look it boasts antique buttons and microsuede trim.

Gift ideas for the sportsman


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