A SnoBear gives ice fishermen both mobility and comfort

SnoBear is ice fishing machine

Kim Fundingsland/MDN In the driver’s seat of a SnoBear is Greg Kurtz, Minot. The SnoBear is comfortable, warm and easily moves from one ice fishing location to another. Access to the ice is made through several portholes in the floor.

DEVILS LAKE – Start it up and go. Drop it down and fish. It’s pretty much that simple behind the wheel of a SnoBear.

A SnoBear is an ice fishing machine. It traverses over snow covered lakes where many other vehicles would not be able to go. Once a fishing location is chosen all the operator has to do is lift the lid on one of the several portholes in the floor, drill a hole through the ice below and then use the vehicle’s hydraulic system to lower the SnoBear onto the ice.

It’s instant ice fishing in mobile comfort! Electronics showing what’s happening under the ice are located on the dash, or any other place a SnoBear owner would choose. Seating is comfortable. Padded chairs can be moved from one location to another very much like what is done on a fishing boat in open water.

“I’ve got a lot more buddies since I got this SnoBear,” laughed Greg Kurtz, Minot, during a recent foray on frozen Devils Lake. “It’s a great machine. It goes down to the ice, you drill a hole, put your depth finder down and you are fishing.”

Comfortable? You bet! And there’s plenty of heat too. An auxiliary heater keeps the interior of the SnoBear shirtsleeve warm even on the coldest of days.

“You can fish in a tee-shirt when it’s 20 below outside,” remarked Kurtz.

If a chosen fishing spot isn’t producing as well as an ice fisherman would like the solution is simple with a SnoBear. Just pull up the fishing lines, close the portholes and move to another location. Within minutes ice anglers can be fishing a new spot and, as many ice fishermen know, mobility can be the key to keeping up with schools of fish.

“It’ll go through quite a bit of snow. I’m really enjoying it,” said Kurtz.


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