‘It pays to be ahead of the storm’

It’s always a good idea to prepare your home and family for a big summer storm before it happens. Better to be safe than sorry.

Build an emergency kit

– Include a few days’ worth of clothing for the entire family, non-perishable foods, drinking water, first aid kit, bathroom/hygiene and baby/pet supplies, cash, blankets, flashlight, matches or candles.

– Work gloves, duct tape and small tools are also good to keep around.

Develop and practice an emergency plan with your family

-Pick a safe place to gather away from windows, skylights and glass doors Keep a portable TV or radio on hand to monitor weather updates.

– Don’t forget extra batteries.

– Make sure cell phones are charged.

– Have an alternate cooking method in case of power outages such as a charcoal or propane grill.

Prepare your home

– Reinforce windows with storm shutters.

– Keep sheets of plywood or tarps to cover broken windows or damage.

– Clean gutters to prevent clogging as this can cause water to pour down the side of the house or under the roof.

– Waterproof your home by checking for cracks and inspecting tiles and shingles and seal your vents to prevent wind or rain damage.

– Make sure vents are sealed to prevent wind and rain from entering.

– A battery operated backup sump pump is also a good idea.

– Keep expensive or valuable items off the ground in case of flooding.

Prepare your yard

– Trim your trees as falling branches and debris can cause a lot of damage.

– Ensure that your yard slopes away from your home as this can prevent water pooling and causing damage to the foundation.

– Secure outdoor items such as patio furniture in case of strong winds.

–Source: Menards