‘Vole Hotels’ safe way to control voles

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In an earlier article I mentioned controlling voles or also called field or meadow mice with homemade traps I call “Vole Hotels.” They are any container that doesn’t let light in, are large enough to have a small “rodent sticky trap” placed in it, and are weather proof. I use the larger plastic coffee cans. These are durable and easily available.

Cut one or more 1-inch holes on the sides of the can about one-half inch from the bottom. Place a small sticky trap inside the can. Bait the sticky trap with sunflower seeds, small bits of cookies or crackers, and replace the lid. Place the traps where vole damage is being experienced. To head off damage before it occurs, place the traps in gardens, around shrubs, and around the edges of the lawn or garden adjacent to longer grass and weeds.

The voles don’t like to be exposed so they will naturally go into the openings in the can. Once in, they will find the bait and get stuck on the trap. Periodically go around and remove traps which have dead voles in them and replace with a new sticky trap.

These will help prevent vole damage but will be safe when used where pets, children and desirable wild creatures are present.