Dakota Handcrafters:Summer Corcoran of Classy Cakes

Current Hometown: Pick City

How would you describe your specialty handcraft?

We offer a wide variety of gourmet, chocolate-dipped confections such as: Cake pops, Chocolate covered Oreos, Hot Chocolate on a Stick, Edible Cookie Dough, and Chocolate LEGOS.

What or who inspired you to become involved in it?

It all started with a homeschooled Home-Ec project where I wanted to perfect the tedious art of cake pops. Once we sold out at our first craft fair, we decided to license our name and get our food processor’s license. We then joined Pride of Dakota, which opened up even more opportunities. We were inspired to create a variety of products that combined chocolate and art. We have even gotten other family members involved helping us package and working at our craft booth.

How long have you been doing this type of work?

It began when I was 12 years old back in 2016.

Do you do it for your own pleasure or offer it for sale?

It began as a hobby and grew into a business. We are Pride of Dakota members and go all over attending their craft events in Fargo, Bismarck, Minot, Jamestown, Dickinson, and hoping to hit the Grand Forks area this coming season.

Where can we see your handcraft?

At this point, we have a Facebook page, www.facebook.com/classycakepops, where people can scroll and see all the different products we offer. We are thinking about creating a website where we can take online orders and possibly opening up a storefront in the future.

Is your handcraft available for sale and if so, where?

1 North Main in Garrison, Gourmet Chef and Trinity Health Gift Shop in Minot, Kirkwood Kitchen and Arrowhead Plaza Drug in Bismarck, Dakota Store in Jamestown, Cenex in Wilton, Larsen Service Drug in Watford City, Chase Drug Store in Washburn, and also Hazen Drug in Hazen are the locations where we carry our products.

Have you taught others your handcraft and if so, would you be willing to teach it to others?

We have trained family members to do the basic parts of our business, but the chocolate art can get a little complicated. However, my younger brother, Max, thought up the idea for the Chocolate LEGOS and my dad is the barista at our booth at the Norsk Hostfest in Minot, which has turned into a family event for us. (Summer is the daughter of Greg and JoAnn Corcoran.)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 15-year-old entrepreneur and I am the ninth of 11 children. I have lived on the lake almost all my life and love anything that involves the outdoors, sports, animals, and baking, I’m wanting to pursue my dream of Classy Cakes and continue to expand upon it with new ideas such as a storefront or an online website.