Dakota Handcrafters: Hannah Jane

Hannah Jane

Hometown: Hannah Jane grew up in Minot and now resides in the New York area.

How do you describe your specialty handcraft?

Hannah Jane is a multimedia artist, specifically known for fusing art and fashion – creating high fashion streetwear that can otherwise be described as wearable art. Each custom Art of Hannah Jane design is handcrafted and handpainted making each one uniquely its own. Most of AoHJ creations feature animal paintings, which are intended to represent personal power and evoke emotions associated with each animals attributes. Art of Hannah Jane work ranges from clothing to canvas. The main motive is to create with zero limitations and hope to inspire.

Who or what inspired you to become involved in it?

I have always known I wanted to pursue a career that involves art in some form. My parents always pushed me to do what I loved My mother, an artist herself, always had unique art-inspired projects that helped mold my craft.

Coming from two parents who own and run successsful businesses – my dad, Jon Erickson, owner of Diamond T Ranch, and my mom, Eleanor Erickson, owner of A Bit of Heaven Weddings. It only made sense to turn my personal passion into something bigger.

Personally I have always been inspired by the ideals of individuality and expressing oneself. My motivation to pursue Art of Hannah Jane drove from that, in hopes of inspiring others to be who they are and follow their own dreams.

How long have you been doing this type of work.

I have been creating since as young as three years old. There are paintings hanging up in my parents home from age three and drawings of fashion designs as young as eight. It has always been a part of me, I tried to input art in any way possible growing up and now I am able to do it as a career.

Do you do it for your own pleasure or for sales?

With my platform Art of Hannah Jane I have the ability to do both. Everything Art of Hannah Jane offers comes from the heart but is also generating sales. I get to be artistically free and create one of a kind pieces, and then put them out into the world for purchase, whether they are custom orders by clients, or my own personal designs.

Is your craft available for sale?

Art of Hannah Jane is available online at www.artofhannahjane.com. It can also be seen on all media platforms @artofhannahjane.

Do you teach your craft?

I have taught the business side of my craft. I have mentored others on how to start a business and push their goals without fear.

As I continue to build my business I can only hope to inspire and teach others to strive for their own goals.

The advice I would give to anyone following their journey is to trust yourself and believe in yourself. Explore your talents, loves, and wishes and just do your dream. Forget the idea that you have to be something and just be you. Never limit yourself and take every opportunity to grow. Do not be afraid to self express and trust your process. Every element in finding your future has a purpose.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Art of Hannah Jane is all about self-expression and promoting individuality.

Hannah Jane recently showed a collection in New York Fashion Week and since continued to grow the brand. Hosting various live painting pop-up events, as well as curating custom designs, the days are filled with nonstop art. The most recent AoHJ collection that appeared in NYFW represented power within intricacy. This season’s collection showed Art of Hannah Jane’s classic handpainted work, but also included various pieces with a 3-d effect. Power cats were painted and it was a vision of denim and blues.

Art of Hannah Jane is now in the pursuit of creating the next collection soon to be released this spring.

Art of Hannah Jane Pop-up event in Minot began Friday and continues today from noon-6 p.m. at 21 South Main Street in downtown Minot. AoHJ fashions from NYFW runway will be displayed as well as various paintings, prints and much more.