Dakota Handcrafters: Sarah Kinden

Current Hometown: Garrison

How would you describe your specialty handcraft?

I make soap the old-fashioned cold process way using high quality food grade lye. I use my Grandma’s recipe that I have modified slightly. My soap bars are lightly scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. They are also full of added moisturizing fats to keep skin hydrated and smooth. This soap is also great for people and pets with sensitive skin. Some of the bars I currently carry are moisturizing hand and body bars, Shampoo bars for dogs, beard bars, soap on a rope, and kids critter bars. I am always planning new ways to expand my business. Recently I have ventured into making Soy Wax Melts for Wax warmers.

What or who inspired you to become involved in it?

I was inspired by my Grandma Laura’s love of making soap from scratch. There is something so satisfying about making soap from start to finish. The whole idea that soap is created from the chemical reaction of the fats and oils with the lye is fascinating to me.

How long have you been doing this type of work?

I have been making soap 1 year in August.

Do you do it for your own pleasure or offer it for sale?

Making soap is the most fun job I’ve ever had! Even after a whole year, I am still coming up with new ideas, perfecting the next batch and creating art with each one. I never feel like it is and actual “job,” more of a hobby with benefits. I do offer my soap for sale.

Is your handcraft available for sale and if so, where?

My soap is available for sale. It can be found at my Kindak Co. Etsy shop or follow me on Facebook and Instagram. If you are shopping in Garrison, Fezziwig’s, Sittin’ Pretty Dog Salon and Giffey’s Lawn and Garden are businesses that carry my soap. I will be at the North Dakota State Fair this Monday, July 23, at the Pride of Dakota tent and also at the Dicken’s Village Festival in Garrison this winter.

Have you taught others your handcraft and if so, would you be willing to teach it to others?

Making Cold Process soap can be challenging to make. You are working with keeping temperatures accurate, adding ingredients at the right time, etc. I have had a friend who is a science teacher watch as I made one of my first batches, and she seemed to enjoy that. I would like to keep my soap making closer to myself and friends and family for now.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom of four. Soap making has made it easier for me to be home and available for my kids and husband. I have always wanted to work from home as I also love cooking, baking, gardening, Pinterest projects and being involved in my community. At our local MOPS group I am a mentor mom and have thoroughly loved being a part of encouraging new mom’s that they are not alone and learning from them too. I have also been very active in other areas of my community and churches. But most of all, the reason for my success and passions are because I am just using the gifts my Lord and Savior gave me. I am so grateful for how he has blessed me and I look forward to blessing others.