Tips to throw better movie nights at home

(StatePoint) –Whether it’s family movie night and you’re watching an old classic, or you’re hosting a big crowd to screen the latest blockbuster, you can take steps to make the viewing experience feel more like the theater – from upgrading your technology to improving your hosting game.

Here are some cool ideas to help movie lovers better enjoy their favorite flicks at home.

Thematic Snacks

When it comes to food and drink, treat guests to all their theater favorites. Candy bars, soda and popcorn are great standards, and these days, many theaters also offer beer, wine, cocktails and elevated fare.

You can also take it one step further by tailoring your menu to the theme of the movie. Think about the setting, the characters and the plot for inspiration. But remember, foods that are easy to eat in the dark and don’t make a lot of racket work best.

Upgrade Your Tech

Flat screen TVs are great, but for the real theater feel, consider a high-quality projector designed for home use. Look for one that’s low maintenance, easy to turn on and off, and comes with HDMI terminals as well as a USB power supply.

Since you may not have the option of a windowless room or blackout curtains in your home, seek out a projector that senses ambient light in the room and automatically adjusts its brightness accordingly. For example, the XJ-F210WN LampFree Projector from Casio’s Advanced Series line features Intelligent Light Control that does just that, so viewers can enjoy optimal visuals any time of day and in any lighting conditions. This model also comes equipped with 20,000-hour estimated operating life and reaches full brightness in as fast as five seconds. Its combination of laser and LED light source is a great high-brightness, mercury-free option. More information can be found at CasioLampFree.com.

Costume Party

Whether you’re watching a dramatic period piece or enjoying a sci-fi action flick, add a touch of excitement to your party by encouraging guests to wear costumes. This will help get everyone pumped up for the movie well in advance of the screening.

As host you may even want to include a trivia round afterwards and offer prizes to winners.

With a few tech upgrades and hosting tips, movie night just got even more fun.


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