Smokes 4 Less franchise opens store in Minot, opens Friday

Jen Brodal/MDN Taha Almnhisen, manager, is shown in the cigar humidor room at the Minot Smokes 4 Less store.

Minot’s newest smoke shop is having its grand opening event Friday with many discounts, said Taha Almnhisen, manager of the Minot store.

Smokes 4 Less has stores in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The Minot store is located at 301 40th Avenue SW.

Almnhisen said the tobacco super store sells CBD, HHC, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, vapes, e-cigarettes and various other implements to supplement the cigar or tobacco aficionado’s needs. The 6,000-square-foot space includes a full cigar humidor room with a wide selection of cigars, the most expensive being the Cohiba cigar at $40.

Smokes 4 Less also offers a selection of Air Jordans, hoodies and tapestries as well as artistic and stylized pipes and hookahs and a large selection of tobacco-rolling trays. Hookahs, Almnhisen said, are waterpipes, in which the tobacco is warmed and vaporized. When inhaled through the single or multi-stemmed hoses, it delivers a smooth mainstream smoke that is inhaled and then exhaled.

Almnhisen said business has been good, with a large emphasis on cigar and vape clientele. Smokes 4 Less offers 200-10,000 puff vapes with numerous flavors and a multitude of juices that contain nicotine. Some vapes are non-addictive with non-nicotine additives. Almnhisen said it is not his preference to vape or smoke cigars as they both have a strong and harsh mainstream smoke.

Almnhisen said they do not use the word marijuana or paraphernalia in relation to the large selection of glass pipes and products. Instead, employee Alex Hebert said, “We stick to saying tobacco use, and if you have a medical card, you can use it for your medicine.”

Almnhisen said if marijuana is legalized, the store would not carry it, as it would require another type of licensure.


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