Minot’s new High Third restaurant features historical theme and American-Canadian food.

High Third a taste of history

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Pictured inside High Third are, left to right, Tanner Brooks, Lance Schmidt, Natalia Boyko and Carl Ruby, High Third staff, and Tawnya Bernsdorf, marketing director. High Third is a new American-Canadian Fusion Gastropub located at 7 1st Street SE in downtown Minot.

It’s just the joint for “grubs and giggle juice.” And don’t be surprised if you see a pinstripe suit and two-tone wingtips.

Welcome to High Third, a new restaurant in Minot that features a historic atmosphere and a unique fusion of American and Canadian food. The multi-level restaurant occupies a downtown building that is emblematic of the city’s storied past. The transformation is striking.

“It details a touch of history and a touch of modern,” said Tawnya Bernsdorf, marketing director. “High Third in Minot was back in the day, a part of history, before Minot became Little Chicago. We thought this was a neat way to bring it back in today’s era.”

While the decor will bring the customer back to the roaring 20’s, the menu is equally attention getting. It is, as Bernsdorf puts it, “culinary inspired bar-type food. It’s a newer concept, American-Canadian fusion.”

For example, the menu has 10 different poutines, a remarkably Canadian food that is french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. At the High Third though there’s options that include some nifty and tasty differences.

“As an example, you can get original poutine or poutine with an American or Korean flair on it,” explained Bernsdorf. “We have salads and soups and deserts, all very Canadian and 1920’s with a touch of modern in it. We came up with some fun names.”

Did they ever! The menu includes Philly of the North, Plant-Eater tacos, Hot Fuzz soup and Saskatoon cheesecake.

“The concept here is different than other places,” said Bernsdorf. “It’s kind of a la carte. You decide how hungry you are and create your own meal. It’s not your normal steak and potato and vegetable here. You keep a menu at your table and order whatever and whenever you feel like.”

Turning an aging and forgotten building into a modern restaurant, albeit with a historical aspect, was no easy task. The finished product though, from the first floor to the roof level, is bathed in history.

“The brick is original but has been painted on the first level,” said Bernsdorf, who noted several businesses had utilized the first level throughout the years but that the upper floors had remained vacant.

“The second and third levels had not been touched for decades, so it was a lot of work,” said Bernsdorf. “It was so cool to see this building revitalized. For downtown Minot I think it is amazing.”

Customers enter from the street into the Bostow level, named after a long-time service station in Minot. A wide staircase or an elevator can be used to access more hidden secrets at High Third.

“The second floor is the Vendome Bar, which was actually the name of a bar in Minot’s High Third district back in the day. The Dee Dee, on the upper level, is named after the old Dee Dee Govan Bar and Grill. It has a private bar and is available for weddings and such. We also have some Instagramable stops, places to take pictures, which is a big thing with restaurants in many other cities. Different levels create different vibes.”

Another striking feature of High Third is an all-seasons outdoor seating area complete with overhead heaters and all-weather televisions. Such venues are popular in Norway, and now, available in downtown Minot.

“Just dress for the season and sit outside and enjoy the food, hot chocolate or coffee,” remarked Bernsdorf. “It is open all year round.”

High Third is located at 7 1st Street Southeast in downtown Minot.


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