All Trinity Health chaplains now board certified by association

Trinity Health Chaplains Brian Krebs, BCC, and Mike Parker, BCC, have achieved board certification with the Spiritual Care Association, an international professional organization that establishes quality indicators for spiritual care providers.

Board certification is a rigorous process that involves meeting performance standards in areas essential to chaplaincy care. Candidates must pass a comprehensive written exam or be questioned by a certifying committee. Continuing education is required on an annual basis to maintain the their credential.

Chaplain Mark Henson, director of Trinity’s Pastoral Care Department, says the achievement represents a benchmark for the department. “Now all Trinity Health chaplains are board certified through professional chaplain certifying organizations,” he said.

Board certification is a requirement to be employed in Trinity’s Pastoral Care Department.

Approximately 10,000 chaplains are board certified with six recognized chaplain certifying organizations worldwide. Certified chaplains are employed in healthcare, corrections, fire, police, military, and other settings where the spiritual care of people is considered important.


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