Restaurant 28 Tastes and Taps opens doors in Minot

Kim Fundingsland/MDN 28 Tastes and Taps boasts many tasty offerings in a friendly, family atmosphere. The restaurant is located on 16th Street SW in the former Fudruckers building.

He wore 28 on his University of North Dakota football uniform. Now a 28 stands tall atop a sign in front of his restaurant. 28 Tastes and Taps opened it doors for customers little more than one week ago.

The owner is Dan Lawson, a Bishop Ryan High School graduate and former strong safety for the then Fighting Sioux.

“I graduated UND with a degree in criminal justice and chased the oilfield dream out of college,” said Lawson while seated at a table in his newly opened restaurant. “I’ve been all over the United States. Ten years ago I came back because of the oil boom up here and now I decided to do this crazy thing.”

Not entirely. Lawson owned and operated a food and beverage facility in Ruthville. He eventually sold the business and returned to the oilfields, but the thought of opening a similar business remained on his mind. He made a decision to make some changes to the building that formerly housed Fudruckers on 16th Street SW and open 28 Tastes and Taps.

Lawson credits his experience operating LawDawgs at Ruthville for helping him learn “the rights from the wrongs” in the restaurant business. One big factor, he says, is having great help.

“Part of why this has been so good is my staff. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing it,” remarked Lawson. “My managers, Dave Limke and Brittany Shattuck, are doing a phenomenal job. So is my head cook, Kyle Westmorland. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be having the success that we’re having.”

Lawson says the fact that he is a Minoter, and employs several well known people in the community, is a plus for his business.

“I’m a big community guy and don’t believe in franchises,” said Lawson. “I just love being a local person from here and starting it up.”

Customer reaction has been very favorable. The menu is unique to the area and has been well received with an extensive list of appetizers and other food items people want placed in front of them.

“The menu came from all of the places I’ve been, from Texas to Tennessee to Arizona,” explained Lawson. “We’re already known for our burgers and wings and we’ve expanded that with several varieties. We have big, big baked potatoes and even poutine on our menu.”

Poutine is very popular in Canada. It is french fries smothered in brown gravy and topped with mozzarella cheese. Customers can add pulled pork or brisket as well.

Twenty-five big screen televisions are spaced through 28, which has a spacious seating area for all ages and a separate lounge area for those 21 and over.

“We have a great atmosphere with great service and great food,” said Lawson. “With the food selections that we have, we make sure that when you come in and order something that it is coming out the right way. You ordered it and it should taste great.”

Lawson says he routinely gets razzed by people who know he is a UND grad, especially those who attended rival North Dakota State University.

“A lot of my friends wear their NDSU stuff in here,” laughed Lawson. “They are great people and I always cheer for NDSU football when they are going for the championship. It’s North Dakota, right? As long as they cheer for our Hawks hockey, right?”

28 could have been named 28 Sports Bar and Grill, but Lawson says he thinks that designation has been overdone, hence Tastes and Taps.

“It’s starting to be a trendy deal with the number name,” said Lawson. “That’s why I went with 28. Tastes and Taps, you know, sounds good. We’ve got a lot of good tastes on our menu and tap beer.”

28 is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


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