Preferred Partners brings experience, passion to real estate

Ashton Gerard/MDN A Preferred Partners Real Estate sign sits off the street near the Preferred Partners office, located at 2050 36th Avenue SW.

Mike Pellenwessel and Brad Beeter had worked together for years and always floated around the idea of starting their own real estate business together. After years of talking, 2019 was the year they would go out on their own. Now, Pellenwessel is the president and Beeter is the vice president of Preferred Partners Real Estate.

“At the beginning of this year or the end of last year, we decided that now was a good time to do it,” Pellenwessel said. After acquiring their office space and their LLC, Preferred Partners officially opened in February.

They moved into their office space, located at 2050 36th Avenue Southwest, in April.

“We brought with us some of the agents that we worked with at our previous company, which was Signal Realtors, and then we also brought in another agent from another company and we’re looking to grow,” Pellenwessel said.

Both Pellenwessel and Beeter are from Minot and the surrounding area. To be able to run their own business in the town they grew up in is a huge satisfaction. Preferred Partners has helped the pair become a bigger part of the community.

Submitted Photo The team at Preferred Partners Real Estate celebrated the business July 11 with a ribbon cutting conducted by the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

“You have a vested interest in seeing (the community) grow and housing is a big part of that,” Pellenwessel explained. “Whether you’re single or you have a family, everybody needs a place to live and I think it’s still the American dream that you want to own your own home.”

The current team at Preferred Partners, made up of eight Realtors, averages just over 19 years of experience. They also have the assistance of Brenda Miller, their office manager, who has been in that kind of position for the past 17 years. That allows the Realtors to focus on the real estate side of things while Miller is able to run the office side.

“We’ve seen the ups and downs in the real estate world, especially around 2010 and 2011 when everything was booming here,” Pellenwessel said. “A lot of us were Realtors before that. We’ve gone to a market now that’s more pre-oil boom.”

Since their Realtors have been through different ups and downs in Minot, Pellenwessel is confident in Preferred Partners to be able to navigate any issue that may arise during the home buying or selling process or completely avoid them in the first place.

Preferred Partners stays up to date with technology and trends in the real estate market while adding a personal touch to each and every interaction.

“While we’re fine with technology, we still prefer to meet with our clients face to face and really build relationships with our clients,” Pellenwessel explained.

On the technological side, Preferred Partners has its website up and running, which shows Preferred homes for sale in the area. They also have a first-time homebuyers tab with different resources and questions to ask before taking the steps to buy a home.

On the seller side, the website offers tips on what to do to prepare a home to be sold. In that same tab, Market Stats can be found that are kept up to date on a monthly basis by Pellenwessel. It includes Minot and the surrounding areas.

“We also do commercial real estate and land,” Pellenwessel said. “We have a few Realtors experienced in that – Neil Gush being one of them. That’s just another aspect of the real estate industry that we’re able to take care of for clients.”

To stay up to date on all things Preferred Partners, visit its Facebook page @PreferredPartnersMinot or check out the website at preferredminothomes.com.

“We don’t want to just work with (someone) for one transaction, we want to be their Realtor for life,” Pellenwessel said. “That’s really the way we look at it.”