AutoZone opens two stores in Minot

The North Hill AutoZone, pictured Thursday, is located off 21st Avenue NW. The business opened Aug. 20 followed shortly by the store off South Broadway opening Aug. 25.

Driving around Minot, residents may have noticed new additions to North Hill and South Broadway in the past week. AutoZone has arrived and opened locations in Minot. Their only other locations in North Dakota appear in Fargo with two and Grand Forks with one.

Monday, Aug. 20, was the official opening of the North Hill location off 21st Avenue NW near Marketplace Foods. Saturday, Aug. 25, was the official opening of the south location off South Broadway near McDonald’s and Home Depot.

The location on North Hill is an everyday parts store. They keep a variety of parts in stock to bring simple parts closer to residents in the area. They carry things like brake pads, windshield wipers, oil and more.

“It’s actually been a very good turnout with a lot of our military members that do live on base or just around North Hill,” said Joshua Obrien, a parts sales manager at the North Hill location. “This (location) definitely makes it easier.”

Instead of having to drive across town, the new store offers the convenience closer to home.

“Our South store is our commercial store so they do a lot of our deliveries,” Obrien said. “They carry more of our bigger parts and they have a business account there so they can deliver to places like Westlie (Motor Company) and smaller automotive shops.”

Along with the parts, Obrien said the store does offer price matching to other stores around town. Customers can also order parts free-of-charge if they do not have something in stock. They are open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.