Local cartoonist Timmothy Timm’s works to be featured in The Minot Daily News

Submitted photo Timmothy Timm at work on another piece of art.

The Minot Daily News readers will be able to enjoy the stories of two adventurous guinea pigs, Titus and Philemon.

The comic strip characters are the brain child of Timmothy Timm of Minot, a Minot State University freshman and Minot High School graduate and artist, cartoonist, author and illustrator.

Timm has published books featuring the characters that are available at his art studio in downtown Minot and at Main Street Books and Nature’s Nook. They will also be published periodically in The Minot Daily News starting today.

“Titus was the guinea pig that I previously had before and Philemon is just the other character I came up with,” said Timm. “I’m not sure how the name Philemon came along but it just sounded good with Titus.”

Timm said he has been drawing the comics featuring the fictional guinea pigs based on his childhood pet for about seven years and his first book was published about a year ago.

Andrea Johnson/MDN Some of Timmothy Timm’s works of art.

The real Titus was “just a fine guy to have around,” said Timm.

His comic strips tell the “everyday adventures of Titus and Philemon and their owner Joe.”

The fictional Joe is a little bit like Timm, he said.

The guinea pigs “act like real guinea pigs most of the time but sometimes they do weirder stuff that ordinary guinea pigs wouldn’t do,” said Timm.

Timm said his comics are “kind of along the lines of the classic strips like Garfield and Peanuts.

Timm, 18, who was diagnosed with high functioning autism as a toddler, has also created other works of art that are on display in his art studio downtown.

He graduated with high honors from high school and also excels in music as well as art. He has also been active in his church. One work of art is an imaginative scene depicting a gum drop house, candy cane light posts and chocolate road block.

Timm’s Art Gallery and Studio is located at 201 Main St. S., Suite 100. in Minot.

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