Talking Trail signs help give the story at air musuem

Eloise Ogden/MDN This Talking Trail sign by the F-15 Eagle exhibit on the grounds of the Dakota Territory Air Museum gives a phone number visitors can call to hear information about the F-15. Visitors also can download the Talking Trail app or visit a website. Talking Trail signs are new at the air museum this season.

Visitors can “Experience The Story” at the Dakota Territory Air Museum in Minot by calling a phone number, downloading a mobile app or visiting a website.

The ways to “experience the story” are posted on Talking Trail signs near various exhibits.

Don Larson, president of the air museum board, said the Talking Trail signs were placed by about 20 exhibits inside and outside the museum this spring.

He said those who have used the information on the signs have had favorable comments about it.

For example, to “Experience the Story” a visitor calls the phone number on the sign by the F-15, then enters a three-digit Talking Points number listed on the sign. The visitor then will hear about the F-15 and air museum volunteers who have restored the plane and other planes in the exhibit.

Visitors also can download a mobile app or visit the Talking Trails website at www.talkingtrails.com.

Talking Trail signs are also located at other facilities in the state.


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