Good Night Minot finale planned for Sunday at Oak Park

Submitted Photo From left to right are executive producer Jonah Lantto with his wife, Jacie; host and producer Jake Thrailkill; cohost and producer Myles Barcomb; writer/producer Dr. ShaunAnne Tangney.

Good Night Minot, Minot’s late night talk show, will end its inaugural season on Sunday at Oak Park wth an Arts in the Park event that is free and open to the public.

“Gates open at (5 p.m.) and the Starving Rooster will be selling food and drinks,” said ShaunAnne Tangney in an email. “We will have a lot of great Good Night Minot merchandise, too – including tee shirts, mugs, and a limited edition original gig poster – and we’re very excited about that!”

The show, brought to Minot by The Good Talk Network, was launched last November at the Mouse River Players Theatre with a funky house band, charismatic host, and memorable guests.

It has been a highly memorable year for the talented team, including host Jake Thrailkill and other production leaders and writers Tangney, Terry Effertz, Adam Dyess, Myles Barcomb, Derek Smith, Brent Schaff, Mike Annas, and Jonah Lantto.

“For me, the most memorable and terrifying part is the first time I came on to do an opening monologue,” said Thrailkill in an email. “To be standing there with a full house of people waiting to see if you can be funny! Watching the show evolve into all the potential that it will be is tremendous. Our team is creative and talented past imagination and I am excited to see what we can cook up next. We have carried the mantra that we will not sacrifice the quality of our production and I think that’s a critical reason for our success.”

“The Good Night Minot creative team skits are building into something really special,” said Tangney. “We are creating a hilarious and memorable cast of characters, and we look forward to following their stories well into the future. The most surprising thing is how well everything has gone. We were a group of people who had a big idea…but none of us had ever pulled off a full-on, 90-minute, late-night talk show. We thought from the beginning that we had good ideas, funny jokes, and a great team, but none of us really knew if we could pull it off!”

Jonah Lantto said in an email that “the most memorable moment (for him) was the first show as the monologue started rolling and the laughter erupted, the overwhelming wash of relief that it was working is something I’ll never forget. My favorite skit is the Wanna Date Jake segment with its conclusion the Bad Date (which airs this weekend at Oak Park). The audience reaction has been equally palpable at every show, however the fan favorite segment seems to be our ‘If Businesses Had Tinder’ comedy bit.”

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped the momentum for the talented team, though it did mean some things were done a little differently.

“We did produce a seven-part skit that was recorded remotely – everyone on video from their own homes – when we were all locked down – that was an interesting challenge!” said Tangney. “We’re glad to have two outdoor shows this summer. Being outdoors allows people to keep social distance, be with their pod, etc. We encourage everyone who comes to our show on Sunday to keep up whatever safe practices they already engage in – wearing a mask, using hand-sanitizer, minimizing physical contact, etc. We think the outdoor venues are a good first move back – they will allow people to gather at an event, enjoy the show, but feel safe and not crowded.”

Plans for the next season are also already underway.

“We evolve from Good Night Minot to Good Night Live, expand the reach of our content with a streaming deal, and have a huge end of the Summer show in downtown Minot where we plan to roast the one and only Shaun Sipma,” said Lantto.

“Anything you saw in the first season, expect it to be turned up to 11,” said Thrailkill.


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