Completion near for access to river, golf, walking path

Lot to serve multiple uses

Kim Fundingsland/MDN A parking lot west of the water treatment plant is part of the flood control project in that area. The lot will serve the Wee Links golf course, a nearby fishing pier and users of a walking path. A fall completion is planned.

It’s getting closer. The flood control project and associated improvements in the area of Minot’s water treatment plant are nearing completion.

“They should be done, wrapping up by August-September,” said Dusty Zimmerman, Ackerman-Estvold spokesperson. “It officially needs to be done by October.”

Motorists have had to deal with lane closures and such for several months while workers have been making flood control improvements to the area of the water treatment plant along 16th Street Southwest. The work includes the installation of a parking lot immediately west of the water treatment plant. Asphalt has already been laid down for that lot.

“It’ll be a kind of multi-use lot,” explained Zimmerman.

When construction subsides and the lot is opened to the public, it will serve several purposes. The lot will be used by patrons of the Wee Links junior golf course as well as those wishing to access the Souris River and connect to walking paths in the area.

Perry Olson, Park Board president, said a fishing pier will eventually be placed in the river at that location and, perhaps, even an access for canoes and kayaks.

“It’s been discussed. I know it’s in the plans,” said Olson. “The river hasn’t been used for recreation for a long time. It’s kind of a goal to try and get back to that at some point.”

A series of coffer dams placed in the river throughout the city following flood protection work spurred by the 1969 flood are targeted for removal as current flood protection work allows. Removal of those coffer dams will make the river much more navigable for recreationists.

The Wee Links golf course was shut down this season due to flood control work. However, the new parking lot will be there to greet golfers when the course opens for play again in 2021. The course has been entirely rebuilt, everything but the clubhouse.

“It’ll be absolutely wonderful,” said Steve Kottsick, Souris Valley Golf Course professional. “Next spring we’ll have a grand opening. The kids will learn some different kinds of golf shots. They’ll learn to hit chip shots, wedge shots and learn how to putt. It’ll be an interesting challenge.”

“It’s going to be spectacular,” added Olson. “It’s going to be an upgrade from the original one.”

Access to Wee Links from the new parking lot will be by a ramp that will go over a small protective dike. Also, said Olson, the new parking lot will allow walkers and joggers access to a path system running along the course of the river that will only “get better as the flood project comes along.”


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