Robbers held hostage by hostages

Mouse River players present “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Who Should Be Shot)”

Submitted Photo The Douglas family are surprised by the arrival of Tony and Vinny, first-time criminals in need of a place to lay low, in the next production by The Mouse River Players titled “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Who Should Be Shot).”

The Mouse River Players are doing a new production titled “In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Who Should Be Shot).” The director, Lin Knickerbocker, said she laughed hysterically when she read through the script and thought the audience would love it.

The idea was initially introduced to Minot State University by former board members of the Mouse River Players, but the college didn’t have time for it, so they passed it on to Knickerbocker. She handed it to the Mouse River Players, and said he was willing to direct it if they wanted to produce it.

The cast is made up of a variety of ages. The three teens that are taking part were cast as young adults. “They could maintain older teen attitudes” and fit their parts. Some of the actors were novices, only having played extras in other plays or never been in a play at all. There are also some returning veterans.

“In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (Who Should Be Shot)” is “a cut and dry storyline” about a family who is getting ready to have their Christmas Eve dinner when their house is invaded by two robbers who had just robbed a store. They hold the family hostage, but what they didn’t know was that they were actually going to be held hostage by the dysfunctional members at the table. They bicker, fight, make snide comments and clearly do not act how the average hostage would react to the situation.

It will run Jan. 17-19 and Jan. 24-26. Friday and Saturday productions begin at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinees begin at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at www.mouseriverplayers.com.


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