Wild Hands presents ‘Growing Like a Weed Part 3’ with album release party

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Wild Hands has been playing shows and making music together since 2012. In 2013 they released their debut album “Oh, River.” Since then, they have release two albums in the series “Growing Like a Weed.”

“Growing Like a Weed Part 3” will be debuting to Minot Saturday with the Wild Hands album release party open to all ages at 7 p.m. on Saturday at the newly renovated The Depot on Main Street. Wild Hands and MoonCats will be performing at the event and local beer will be served by Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks for those 21-years-old and over.

“We are very excited,” said Wild Hands lead singer and guitarist Max Patzner. “It’s definitely a building with such rich Minot history. It has also been beautifully renovated to preserve that feeling.”

For Patzner, it transports him back in time when the Soo Line Depot was used as an office space. He was able to practice and play there late at night with a different band, but a few of the songs he wrote for that project at that time are now being used on Wild Hands’ newest album.

“Funny how things come full circle in weird ways like that,” Patzner added.

It was important to the band to do an all-ages show to be able to share the love of music with everyone in the community.

“Live music can be magical and we want everyone to be able to experience it.” Patzner said. “When I was 15 years old I went to an all ages punk rock show and it inspired me. It sent me down the creative path and I’ve never looked back. Now I make art and music for a living and it’s the best thing… and I owe a lot of that to an all ages show.”

The band plays a variety of music but the overall theme behind everything is fun. Patzner described the band as having a heartfelt, folky rock ‘n’ roll sound but they have songs that fall all over the genre spectrum.

“Sometimes we throw fiddles and banjos on a rock ‘n’ roll song. Sometimes it’s more foot stomping country music. Most of all, it’s fun,” Patzner explained. “People have fun when they listen to our songs, I would say. It’s sing along feel good music.”

The band has been through a few phases over the years, but the current lineup consists of Patzner as songwriter, singer and guitar; Joe Andrus sings harmonies, plays the upright bass and banjo; Nick Holwegner is on the drums and percussion; and Andy Rennich plays guitar and bass.

The final part of the three album series is taking the band back to their roots.

“This one takes us back to home or on the backroads,” Patzner said. “It has a whole lot of fiddle mixed with some country vibes mixed with some Beatlesque sounding songs. I am proud of all our records, but this one is my personal favorite of the three.”

The album is full of catchy melodies and is filled with real, honest songs the band wrote about growing up in North Dakota.

“We always embrace we are out in the middle of nowhere. It makes us who we are and I’d say it shapes our music,” Patzner added.

The album will be available for sale at the show as well as vinyls and hand-printed posters. All Wild Hands music is also available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon. They also have albums available at Budget Music & Video in downtown Minot.

To follow Wild Hands’ journey, visit them on Facebook, @WildHands, or their website, https://wildhandsnd.com/.


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