Minot is going late night

The Good Talk Network is introducing new late night show to the Magic City

Submitted photo Minot creative minds Jonah Lantto, top, Myles Barcomb, bottom, and Jake Thrailkill are coming together to take Minot late night with Good Night Minot. The show will debut Saturday, Nov. 16, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Mouse River Players Theatre.

A funky house band, charismatic host, and memorable guests all walk into a bar and that’s how a late night show is born. Well, not really. But the concept is being brought to Minot by The Good Talk Network and will be debuting its new “Good Night Minot” late night show Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Mouse River Players Theatre.

The idea was first brought up by Good Night Minot host Jake Thrailkill who had the idea in his head that he needed his own late night show.

“One of my friends said to me, ‘Jake, if you don’t want to do what you’re doing now for a career, you should be a late night show host,'” Thrailkill explained. “I thought, ‘Should I just call (Jimmy) Fallon or somebody and see if they’ll slide over and I can take over their show?'”

That’s when Thrailkill got in touch with The Good Talk Network’s owner and host Jonah Lantto about the possibility of bringing a late night show to the region.

When Lantto was first approached with the idea, he loved it. The downside, he didn’t have all the tools readily at his disposal to make Thrailkill’s local late night TV dream a reality. Lantto was thinking about the venue, camera crew, writing team, lighting and organization of the project.

“Turns out it takes a year and a half to put that together,” Thrailkill chimed in.

In April, after Lantto and The Good Talk Network moved into their new studio space, Lantto reached out to Thrailkill to create a game plan to present to different venues in the area.

“We pitched to the Mouse River Players board, it was received very positively from them,” Lantto said. “We quickly began putting a team together. A team of creative minds to write the monologue, we needed a cohost and somebody to head up the band and ultimately, you need great guests for a show like this to work out.”

The writing team for the show is made up of Terry Effertz, ShaunAnne Tangney, Mike Annas, Brent Schaff, Adam Dyess and Derek Just.

When developing material for the show, Thrailkill explained that nothing is off limits. Every meeting the team had brought different ideas and banter that has built the first show.

“It’s kind of an anxious process because sometimes we think we’re pretty hilarious, and we’ll see what Minot thinks,” Thrailkill said.

Lantto added: “Are we hilarious or is it the alcohol? Maybe it’s a little bit of both.”

Throughout the process of developing the show, Thrailkill and Lantto knew they needed a great co-host and band leader to help tie the show together. That’s when the fashionably late Myles Barcomb came into the picture.

“Myles I knew I wanted him to be the leader of the band and maybe serve that co-hosting role,” Lantto said. “It turns out he has a pretty tremendous passion for late night and has been to a few late night shows so he kind of had a slight inside look on how this works.”

Barcomb is bringing some original music to the show and has helped assemble a house band for the shows. In addition he will also offer some banter on stage.

“We are doing specific things to gear towards the live audience to make them feel like it’s a unique experience,” Barcomb said. “It’s not like a normal thing you’re going to go to in Minot or North Dakota. We have some ideas for some elements that are going to make it feel really special.”

Each show will have two guests that will appear to be interviewed in front of the live studio audience. One of the guests for the first show will be local and national art sensation Walter Piehl.

The flow of the show will feature a red carpet-esque social hour and experience for guests as they arrive to the show starting at 6:30 p.m. There will be a full cash bar available and live music from the house band. Then, a preshow act will take the stage before the official Good Night Minot show begins.

“We want everyone to stop, take their photo on the red carpet,” Lantto said. “There’s no dress code but we want people to dress to impress.”

Minot State University will be there with a camera crew to capture the evening that will be broadcasted at a later date to MidCo 19 and will be available on social media.

Tickets for the Nov. 16 show are currently on sale for $15 per person. Tickets can be found on the Good Night Minot event page on Facebook.

Right now, the crew is committed to a four-episode season with hopes of having six shows completed before the summer. Their second show is already officially scheduled for Dec. 28.

“If you like laughter, you need to be at Good Night Minot,” Lantto said.


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