Song called ‘Frequency’

Dakota Chappy song release set for Wednesday

Submitted Photo Dakota Chappy, right, releases her latest single, a song called “Frequency,” featuring Daniel Kidd Robinson aka Cashmere Kidd, this week at an event at Dakota Square Mall in Minot.

Dakota Chappy is known by many as North Dakota’s fashion inventor, but she has been writing and recording music for over 20 years. Her latest single release called “Frequency,” featuring Daniel Kidd Robinson aka Cashmere Kidd, comedian and cameraman, will be released this week, according to a news release.

The duo will be celebrating the single’s release on Wednesday, May 15, at 12:30 p.m. in the JC Penney court at Dakota Square Mall in Minot.

The event will be a listening party, complete with cake and balloons and goods from Dakota Chappy.

The venue is a bit unusual for a musical release but everything about these two is unusual. “Being a thriving fashion designer in North Dakota is unusual, the way we dress is unusual, our humor is unusual. It’s really the result of combining all of the things we love: fashion, music and laughter, that makes our creations,” said Chappy.

“It’s a journey from start to finish,” said Chappy. “It still amazes me how the song starts out as an electronic pop song and goes Jamaican Dance Hall at the end. It really speaks to the raw talent of Daniel, as this is the first song he has ever worked on in any capacity and he absolutely killed it.”

The song was recorded at Adapt Audio in Minot.

The song will be available for downloading and streaming on all digital platforms as well as available for purchase on CD that day.

Chappy Windsor aka Dakota Chappy is the founder and CEO of Dakota Chappy including a store in Minot.


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