Meet the artist: Linda McNea

Current Hometown: Bottineau

Where can we see your work?

My drawings are just a hobby.

Do you have work for sale?

I do have notecards for sale. They are in packages of five. Each package has an old house drawing and a story about the house.

In what media do you work?

I only use pencil.

How would you describe your style?

Realism. I like to show the texture, depth and detail of what I’m drawing. I like to draw scenes from life as it used to be and old faces.

Who would you say have been influences on your work?

Family members – my husband and kids. My parents played a huge role while growing up and working on our farm. Staying with my grandparents as a child and listening to their stories. Of course, there was a teacher (Mrs. Fossum) who taught in the Dunseith schools.

Are there particular themes you like to explore in your work?

I wanted to draw attention to a vanishing way of life. Gone are the days of a working farm on every quarter section. A very small percent of the U.S. population are farm or ranch families anymore.

What do you most enjoy about the creative process?

Part of the process for me is finding that home that was long abandoned. My husband and I love to find them in our famous short cuts home. We imagine what their life was and why they left.

Tell us a little about yourself.

As a child, I grew up on a grain and dairy farm in the Turtle Mountains, which has shaped a lot of my artwork. My husband and I live and work in Bottineau. We have two grown children who live in Minnesota and Texas.