Meet the artist: Gregory Erickson

Current Hometown: Bismarck

Where can we see your work?

Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative, and

Do you have work for sale?

Yes, I have works for sale in the Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative, on my website, and I also take commissions.

In what media do you work?

I work in multiple mediums, Scratchboard is the main medium that I work in, I also work in ink, pencil, and colored pencil

How would you describe your style?

My work is very realistic with a high attention to detail. The reason I enjoy scratchboard so much is because of the detail you can achieve especially in wildlife, I am basically scratching every hair.

Who would you say have been influences on your work?

Jack Kline of Bismarck, he introduced me to Scratchboard when I was taking commercial art at Bismarck State College. I have always strived to have the same quality of work that he does.

Are there particular themes you like to explore in your work?

I love the outdoors so I really enjoy drawing animals of all kinds.

What do you most enjoy about the creative process?

I really get the enjoyment from watching the subject develop and come to life. As the drawing progresses you can really see the different dimensions and textures develop. That always gets me excited.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Minot and now live in Bismarck with my wife and daughter. I work full-time as a GIS technician/graphic artist for Beaver Creek Archaeology and do artwork as a hobby/side job. I work on my art in my basement studio on a handmade hickory art table that I built. Lately I have been doing quite a few commissioned pet portraits that have kept me busy.

As I stated before I love the outdoors and enjoy hunting and fishing with family and friends. I also enjoy watching my daughter compete in her various activities throughout the year.

I am a supporting member of the Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative. Currently, I am their featured guest artist and have 14 pieces hanging on the guest wall of the gallery until April 28.