Legal Notices 4-7


Children’s Museum of Minot, Inc.

New Magic City Discovery Center

BP #2

Kraus-Anderson Construction Com-

pany is presently soliciting competi-

tive Lump Sum Bids for the

Children’s Museum of Minot, Inc. –

New Magic City Discovery Center,

Minot, ND – BP #2 (WS 3-A Con-

crete, WS 7-F Metal Panel, WS 7-L

Sealant, WS 9-G Resinous Flooring,

WS 12-B Window Treatments, WS

14-B Elevator). Sealed bids will be

received until 2:00 PM Central time

on Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at the

address noted below. Bids received

after this time will not be considered.

Bids will be publicly opened at 3:00

PM Central time on Thursday, April

8th, 2021 and publicly read aloud at

the following location: Minot Park

Community Room located in the Au-

ditorium at 420 3rd Ave SW, Minot,

ND 58701 and via Zoom.

Kraus-Anderson Construction Com-

pany is the only authorized agent to

receive bids.

Bids may be mailed or hand

delivered to:

Magic City Discovery Center

c/o Kraus-Anderson Construction


Attn: Curt Janssen

615 South Broadway

Suite L2

Minot, ND 58701

The complete bid form shall be

without alterations, additions, or

erasures. All bids shall be on a lump

sum basis. No bid may be with-

drawn for a period of 60 days after

bid receipt without consent of the

Owner. Kraus-Anderson Construc-

tion Company reserves the right to

reject any or all bids and to waive

any irregularities in bids.

Direct all communications regarding

this Project to the office of the Con-

struction Manager: Curt Janssen


(701) 989-7150.

Procurement of Documents for

bidders on prime contracts: Obtain

the bidding documents, including the

Bid Form, Drawings and Specifica-

tions, via iSqft.com. Plans can be

purchased by contacting Franz

Reprographics at (701) 258-5060. In

order to receive all addenda, please

request to be added to the distribu-

tion list by emailing linda.

house@krausanderson.com. Bid

Documents are also available thru

many of the regional builders’ ex-


(March 24-31; April 7, 2021)

Advertisement for Bids

Kenmare Municipal Airport

Kenmare, North Dakota

AIP NO. 3-38-0029-016-2021

Sealed bids for the construction of

airport improvements for Kenmare

Municipal Airport, Kenmare, North

Dakota will be received by the Ken-

mare Municipal Airport Authority,

Kenmare, North Dakota until 11:00

AM CT on April 21, 2020. All bids

will be publicly opened and read

aloud at the office of KLJ, 4585

Coleman Street, Bismarck, North

Dakota. The Owner will receive mul-

tiple prime bids for general and

electrical construction or any com-

bination thereof.

The bid documents are to be mailed

or delivered to KLJ, ATTN: Shane

Steiner, PE, 4585 Coleman Street,

Bismarck, North Dakota 58503 and

shall be sealed and endorsed, “Air-

port Improvements, Kenmare Muni-

cipal Airport, AIP No 3-38-

0029-016-2021” and shall indicate

the type and number of contractor’s


The proposed work includes the fol-


Pavement rehabilitation (seal coat),

crack sealing and new pavement


Plans and specifications are on file

and may be seen at the office of the

Airport Manager, 520 Central Ave.,

Kenmare, North Dakota and at the

office of KLJ, 4585 Coleman Street,

Bismarck, North Dakota.

Complete digital project bidding do-

cuments are available at www.

kljeng.com “Projects for Bid” or

www.questcdn.com. You may down-

load the digital plan documents for

$21.00 by inputting Quest project #

7608925 on the website’s Project

Search page. Please contact

QuestCDN.com at 952-233-1632 or

info@questcdn.com for assistance

in free membership registration,

downloading and working with this

digital project information. An option

paper set of project documents is

also available for a non-refundable

price of $70.00 per set at KLJ, 4585

Coleman Street/PO Box 1157,

Bismarck, ND 58502 for each set

obtained. Contact KLJ at

701-355-8400 if you have any ques-


Each bid shall be accompanied by a

separate envelope containing a Bid

Bond in a sum equal to five percent

(5%) of the maximum bid price, exe-

cuted by the Bidder as principal and

by a surety company authorized to

do business in the State of North

Dakota, payable to the Kenmare

Municipal Airport Authority, condi-

tioned that if the principal’s bid be

accepted and the contract awarded

to him, he, within ten (10) days after

Notice of Award has been executed,

will execute and effect a contract in

accordance with the terms of his bid

and a contractor’s bond as required

by law and regulations and determi-

nations of the governing board. The

bid security of the two lowest

bidders will be retained until the No-

tice of Award has been executed,

but no longer than 60 days. The bid

security is a guarantee that the

bidder will enter into contract for

work described in the Proposal.

The Contractor shall also enclose

within the Bid Bond envelope a copy

of the bidder’s North Dakota Con-

tractor’s License or a copy of their

latest renewal certificate issued by

the Secretary of State as per North

Dakota Century Code 43-07-07 and

43-07-12. Any bid not containing this

document shall not be acceptable

and shall be returned to the Bidder.

The successful Bidder will be re-

quired to furnish a Contract Perfor-

mance Bond and Payment Bond in

the full amount of the Contract.

The Kenmare Municipal Airport Au-

thority, Kenmare, North Dakota,

reserves the right to hold all bids for

a period of 60 days after the date

fixed for the opening thereof to reject

any and all bids and waive defects

and to accept any bids should it be

deemed for the public good and also

reserves the right to reject the bid of

any party who has been delinquent

or unfaithful in the performance of

any former contract to the Owner.

The successful Bidder will have to

obtain a statement from the Office of

the State Tax Commissioner show-

ing that all taxes due and owing to

the State of North Dakota have paid

before the contract can be executed.





1. The Offeror’s or Bidder’s attention

is called to the “Equal Opportunity

Clause” and the “Standard Federal

Equal Employment Opportunity

Construction Contract Specifica-

tions” set forth herein.

2. The goals and timetables for

minority and female participation,

expressed in percentage terms for

the Contractor’s aggregate work-

force in each trade on all construc-

tion work in the covered area, are as



Goals for minority participation for

each trade: 3.0%

Goals for female participation in

each trade: 6.9%

These goals are applicable to all of

the Contractor’s construction work

(whether or not it is Federal or

federally assisted) performed in the

covered area. If the Contractor per-

forms construction work in a geo-

graphical area located outside of the

covered area, it shall apply the goals

established for such geographical

area where the work is actually per-

formed. With regard to this second

area, the Contractor also is subject

to the goals for both its federally in-

volved and non-federally involved


The Contractor’s compliance with

the Executive Order and the regula-

tions in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be

based on its implementation of the

Equal Opportunity Clause, specific

affirmative action obligations re-

quired by the specifications set forth

in 41 CFR 60-4.3(a) and its efforts to

meet the goals. The hours of minori-

ty and female employment and train-

ing must be substantially uniform

throughout the length of the contract,

and in each trade, and the Contrac-

tor shall make a good faith effort to

employ minorities and women even-

ly on each of its projects. The

transfer of minority or female em-

ployees or trainees from Contractor

to Contractor or from project to pro-

ject for the sole purpose of meeting

the Contractor’s goals shall be a vio-

lation of the contract, the Executive

Order and the regulations in 41 CFR

Part 60-4. Compliance with the

goals will be measured against the

total work hours performed.

3. The Contractor shall provide writ-

ten notification to the Director of the

Office of Federal Contract Compli-

ance Programs (OFCCP) within 10

working days of award of any con-

struction subcontract in excess of

$10,000 at any tier for construction

work under the contract resulting

from this solicitation. The notification

shall list the name, address, and

telephone number of the subcon-

tractor; employer identification

number of the subcontractor; es-

timated dollar amount of the subcon-

tract; estimated starting and comple-

tion dates of the subcontract; and

the geographical area in which the

subcontract is to be performed.

4. As used in this notice and in the

contract resulting from this solicita-

tion, the “covered area” is North

Dakota, Ward County, and Ken-


The Kenmare Municipal Airport Au-

thority, in accordance with the provi-

sions of Title VI of the Civil Rights

Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C.

Section 2000d to 2000d-4) and the

Regulations, hereby notifies all

bidders or offerors that it will affirma-

tively ensure that any contract en-

tered into pursuant to this advertise-

ment, disadvantaged business en-

terprises will be afforded full and fair

opportunity to submit bids in

response to this invitation and will

not be discriminated against on the

grounds of race, color, or national

origin in consideration for an award.

The requirements of 49 CFR part 26

apply to this contract. It is the policy

of the Kenmare Municipal Airport

Authority to practice nondiscrimina-

tion based on race, color, sex, or na-

tional origin in the award or perfor-

mance of this contract. The Owner

encourages participation by all firms

qualifying under this solicitation re-

gardless of business size or owner-


A full list of Federal Provisions by

which the Bidder must comply, are

incorporated by reference and con-

tained within the specifications.

Federal Contract Provisions are also

available at http://www.faa.gov/


ntract_provisions/ and include the


1. Buy American Preferences – Title

29 USC Section 50101

2. Civil Rights – Title VI Assurances

49 USC Section 47123 and FAA

Order 1400.11

3. Davis Bacon Requirements – 2

CFR Section 200, Appendix II(D)

and 29 CFR Part 5 (Applicable to

contracts exceeding $2,000)

4. Debarment and Suspension – 2

CFR Part 180 (Subpart C), 2 CFR

Part 1200, and DOT Order 4200.5

(Applicable to contracts exceeding


5. Trade Restriction Certification –

49 USC Section 50104 and 49 CFR

Part 30

6. Lobbying Federal Employees –

31 USC Section 1352 – Byrd

Anti-Lobbying Amendment, 2 CFR

Part 200, Appendix II(J), and 49

CFR Part 20, Appendix A (Applica-

ble to contracts exceeding


7. Recovered Materials – 2 CFR

Section 200.322, 40 CFR Part 247,

and Solid Waste Disposal Act (Ap-

plicable to contracts exceeding


Dated this 31 of March 2021.

/s/Mark Gravesen, Chairman

Mark Gravesen, Chairman

Kenmare Municipal Airport Authority

Kenmare, North Dakota

(March 31; April 7-14, 2021)





302 2ND ST SE

TOWNER, ND 58788

Sealed Bids for Single Prime Con-

struction of TGU School District #60,

Mechanical Upgrades – Phase 2 will

be accepted until:

2:00 PM Central Time, Thursday,

April 29, 2021

at the office of Ackerman-Estvold

1907 17th Street SE

Minot, North Dakota

at which time and place the bids will

be opened and read aloud. Propo-

sals received after that time will not

be accepted.

Single Prime Construction Bid: All

Portions of Work – Mechanical,

Electrical, and General Construction.

Bidders may obtain Plans and

Specifications by contacting Sonya

Boykin at Ackerman-Estvold by

phone at 701-837-8737 or by email

at sonya.boykin@ackerman-estvold.

com and requesting a link providing

access to the project documents.

The Construction Documents will be

on file and may be examined at the

Office of Ackerman-Estvold, Minot,

North Dakota and the following

Builders Exchanges: Bismarck-

Mandan, Construction Plans Ex-

change, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand

Forks, Minot, Williston, North Dako-

ta; St. Paul, and Minneapolis, Min-

nesota; Construction Industry

Center, and Sioux Falls Builders Ex-

change, South Dakota.

Any contractor who obtains their

plans from an exchange and wishes

to be added to the official plan hold-

ers list or receive automatic email

notification of Addenda must also re-

gister for the project on

Ackerman-Estvold’s plan room and

download the Project documents as

detailed below or contact the Archi-

tect directly.

Each Bid must be accompanied by a

separate envelope, (attached to the

Bid Envelope) containing a Bid Bond

equal to five percent (5%) of the

amount of the Bid naming TGU

School District #60 as Obligee. The

Contractor shall also enclose within

the Bid Bond Envelope a copy of the

Bidder’s North Dakota Contractor’s

License or a copy of their latest

Renewal Certificate issued by the

Secretary of State as per North

Dakota Century Code 43-07-12. All

Contractors who submit Bids must

hold a North Dakota Contractors

License in the highest amount of

their Bids and such license must

have been in effect at least ten (10)

days prior to the date of the Bid

Opening. Any Bid not containing

these documents shall not be ac-

ceptable and shall be returned to the

Bidder unopened. See AIA Docu-

ment A701-1997 “Instructions to

Bidders” in the Project Manual for

further information.

The Owner reserves the right to re-

ject any or all bids and to waive any

informalities in bidding.

The successful bidder will be re-

quired to furnish a Payment Bond,

Performance Bond, Insurance Cov-

erages and other requirements

stipulated in the Project Manual.

No Bidder may withdraw his Bid

within 30 days of the actual date of

the opening.

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at

TGU School District #60, 302 2nd St

SE, Towner, ND at 3:30 pm CST on

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021.

Erik Sveet, Superintendent

TGU School District #60

(April 7-14-21, 2021)


Case No. 51-2020-CV-01651





Capital Credit Union,



Hotel Ventures, LLC,



virtue of a Judgment and decree in

foreclosure, rendered by the District

Court of the North Central Judicial

District, in and for the County of

Ward, State of North Dakota, and

entered and docketed in the office of

the Clerk of the District Court, in and

for said County, on the 11th day of

February, 2021, in an action wherein

Capital Credit Union was Plaintiff,

and Hotel Ventures, LLC was Defen-

dant, in favor of the Plaintiff and

against the Defendant for the sum of

$2,622,223.69, as of December 23,

2020, plus interest at the rate of

$294.705479, per day for actual

Judgment amount of $2,636,958.96,

plus interest on the judgment

amount according to North Dakota

law, plus costs and expenses of the

sale, which Judgment and decree,

among other things, directs the sale

of the real estate hereinafter

described, and by virtue of a writ is-

sued to me by the Clerk of said

Court, in and for Ward County, and

under the seal of said Court, direct-

ing me to sell said real property, pur-

suant to said Judgment and decree,

I, Robert Roed, Sheriff of Ward

County will sell the hereinafter

described real estate to the highest

bidder for cash, at public auction at

the front door of the courthouse in

the City of Minot, Ward County,

North Dakota, on the 21st day of

April, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. of that

day, to satisfy the said Judgment

with interest and costs thereon, and

the costs and expenses of such

sale, or so much thereof as the

proceeds of such sale applicable

thereto will satisfy.

The premises to be sold pursuant to

said Judgment and decree and to

said writ and to this notice, are

described in said Judgment, decree

and writ as follows:

Lot 2 of Southgate Addition to the

City of Minot, North Dakota, being

outlot 9, Section 35, Township 155

North, Range 83 West, Ward Coun-

ty, ND

Commonly referred to as 1609 35th

Ave. SW, Minot, North Dakota


Dated this 18th day of March, 2021.

For: Robert Roed, Sheriff of Ward


/s/Jamie Williams

Lt. Jamie Williams

(March 24-31; April 7, 2021)


The Annual Meeting of the Sawyer

Rural Fire Protection District will be

held Thursday, April 8th, 2021, at

7:30 pm at the Sawyer Fire Hall.

(April 5-7, 2021)


Case No. 51-2021-PR-00053




In the Matter of the Estate of

Richard Ostby, a/k/a Richard “Dick”

Ostby, Deceased.


the undersigned has been appointed

personal representative of the above

estate. All persons having claims

against the said deceased are re-

quired to present their claims within

three (3) months after the date of the

first publication or mailing of this no-

tice or said claims will be forever

barred. Claims must either be

presented to Rachelle Schereksy,

personal representative of the

above-named estate, in care of

Louser & Zent, P.C., Town & Coun-

try Center, 1015 South Broadway,

Suite 15, Minot, North Dakota

58701, or filed with the Court.

Dated this 22nd day of March, 2021.

/s/Rachelle Scheresky

Rachelle Scheresky

724 23rd Avenue Northwest

Minot, ND 58703

Diane R. Louser (ID #03882)


Town & Country Center

1015 South Broadway – Suite 15

Minot, ND 58701

Telephone No. (701) 837-4846

Attorneys for the Personal


(March 31; April 7-14, 2021)

Request for Proposal


215 2nd St. SE

Minot, ND 58701

Notice is hereby given that a Re-

quest for Proposal will be received

at the Nutrition Services Office, of

the Minot Public School District #1,

Ward County, North Dakota, for the





Specifications can be obtained from

Ivy Thorson, at 215 2nd St. SE,

Minot, North Dakota 58701.

Envelops in which proposals are

submitted should be plainly marked

“RFP Bakery Product,” “RFP Milk

Products,” or “RFP Paper & Chemi-

cal Products”.

All proposals must be F.O.B. Minot,

North Dakota. All Items as specified.

MPS reserves the right to reject any

or all bids, to waive any informality in

any proposal and to accept the pro-

posals by item.

This document is dated March 26,


Nutrition Services

Minot Public School District #1

215 2nd St. SE

Minot, North Dakota 58701

(March 31; April 7, 2021)





The Fort Yates Public School re-

quests Statements of Qualifications

(Proposals) from professional archi-

tectural firms for services for the fol-


1. Roofing services to include, but

not limited to, installation of a fully

adhered EPDM (ethylene propylene

diene monomer) roof and associated

flashing or mutually agreed upon

substitution that serves similar func-


2. The selected firm will be responsi-

ble for design and implementation of

new roof and be responsible for as-

sisting Fort Yates Public School per-

sonnel with all permitting and/or

necessary approvals with local, state

and federal agencies if necessary.

Written Proposals shall address the

firm’s experience and ability to per-

form the defined services in a timely

manner. Written Proposals shall be

limited to a maximum of 20

single-sided double-spaced pages

on standard letter (8-1/2×11) paper.

The primary items for consideration

will be, but not limited to, the firm’s:

1. Technical capabilities of firm and

of proposed project team.

2. Experience and performance of

firm and of proposed project team.

3. Understanding of project and pro-

posed work approach.

4. Knowledge of regulations and lo-

cal conditions.

5. Project personnel assignments

and qualifications.

6. Ability to respond in a timely


The architectural firm will be select-

ed based upon Statements of Qualif-

ication and oral interviews. A selec-

tion committee will recommend a

single firm to the Fort Yates Public

School Board (Board). A detailed

scope of work will be developed,

and price will be negotiated with the

selected firm. Failure to reach an

agreement acceptable to the Board

will result in negotiation with the

second most qualified firm. A profes-

sional services agreement will be

executed with a single firm. All in-

quiries, including site visits, shall be

directed to Keith Kautzman (701)

226-7298. Qualification Statements

from firms will be accepted until 4:00

pm CDT on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Submit one (1) hard copy and one

(1) digital copy to: David Drapeaux

(David.Drapeaux@k12.nd.us), Busi-

ness Manager – 9189 Hwy 24, Fort

Yates, ND 58538.

(April 7, 2021)



Northern States Power Company

Customer Credit – DOE Settle-

ment 2019


Case No. PU-21-89



April 1, 2021

On February 15, 2021, Northern

States Power Company (NSP) filed

a petition for approval to refund to

customers the eleventh payment

(approximately $689,356) received

December 22, 2020, arising from

USDOE’s inability to accept nuclear

waste under the federal Nuclear

Waste Policy Act.

NSP requests to combine the refund

of this eleventh payment with an in-

terim rate refund anticipated in the

latter half of 2021 in Case No.

PU-20-441, the NSP base rate in-

crease proceeding. NSP proposes

the refund would be a one-time bill


Alternatively, NSP suggests the

eleventh payment could be a

stand-alone refund in 2021 through

a one-time bill credit based on each

customer’s current usage. NSP esti-

mates this amount would be approx-

imately $2.75 to $3.00 per customer.

The issues to be determined in this

matter are:

1. Whether the eleventh settlement

payment refund should be combined

with any interim rate refund from

case PU-20-441 in a future bill


2. Whether NSP’s eleventh settle-

ment payment refund amount is just

and reasonable.

Comments and requests for a hear-

ing must be received by May 17,

2021. Persons desiring a hearing

must file a written request identifying

their interest in the proceeding and

the reasons for requesting a hearing.

If deemed appropriate, the commis-

sion can determine these matters

without a hearing.

For more information contact the

Public Service Commission, State

Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota

58505, 701-328-2400 or Relay North

Dakota 1-800-366-6888 TTY. If you

require any auxiliary aids or ser-

vices, such as readers, signers, or

Braille materials, please notify the



Randy Christmann, Commissioner

Julie Fedorchak, Chair

Brian Kroshus, Commissioner

(April 7, 2021)



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