Legal Notices 4-21





302 2ND ST SE

TOWNER, ND 58788

Sealed Bids for Single Prime Con-

struction of TGU School District #60,

Mechanical Upgrades – Phase 2 will

be accepted until:

2:00 PM Central Time, Thursday,

April 29, 2021

at the office of Ackerman-Estvold

1907 17th Street SE

Minot, North Dakota

at which time and place the bids will

be opened and read aloud. Propo-

sals received after that time will not

be accepted.

Single Prime Construction Bid: All

Portions of Work – Mechanical,

Electrical, and General Construction.

Bidders may obtain Plans and

Specifications by contacting Sonya

Boykin at Ackerman-Estvold by

phone at 701-837-8737 or by email

at sonya.boykin@ackerman-estvold.

com and requesting a link providing

access to the project documents.

The Construction Documents will be

on file and may be examined at the

Office of Ackerman-Estvold, Minot,

North Dakota and the following

Builders Exchanges: Bismarck-

Mandan, Construction Plans Ex-

change, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand

Forks, Minot, Williston, North Dako-

ta; St. Paul, and Minneapolis, Min-

nesota; Construction Industry

Center, and Sioux Falls Builders Ex-

change, South Dakota.

Any contractor who obtains their

plans from an exchange and wishes

to be added to the official plan hold-

ers list or receive automatic email

notification of Addenda must also re-

gister for the project on

Ackerman-Estvold’s plan room and

download the Project documents as

detailed below or contact the Archi-

tect directly.

Each Bid must be accompanied by a

separate envelope, (attached to the

Bid Envelope) containing a Bid Bond

equal to five percent (5%) of the

amount of the Bid naming TGU

School District #60 as Obligee. The

Contractor shall also enclose within

the Bid Bond Envelope a copy of the

Bidder’s North Dakota Contractor’s

License or a copy of their latest

Renewal Certificate issued by the

Secretary of State as per North

Dakota Century Code 43-07-12. All

Contractors who submit Bids must

hold a North Dakota Contractors

License in the highest amount of

their Bids and such license must

have been in effect at least ten (10)

days prior to the date of the Bid

Opening. Any Bid not containing

these documents shall not be ac-

ceptable and shall be returned to the

Bidder unopened. See AIA Docu-

ment A701-1997 “Instructions to

Bidders” in the Project Manual for

further information.

The Owner reserves the right to re-

ject any or all bids and to waive any

informalities in bidding.

The successful bidder will be re-

quired to furnish a Payment Bond,

Performance Bond, Insurance Cov-

erages and other requirements

stipulated in the Project Manual.

No Bidder may withdraw his Bid

within 30 days of the actual date of

the opening.

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at

TGU School District #60, 302 2nd St

SE, Towner, ND at 3:30 pm CST on

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021.

Erik Sveet, Superintendent

TGU School District #60

(April 7-14-21, 2021)





In the Matter of the Petition for

Name Change of Kaekilia LeoLynn.


tion in the above-entitled matter will

be filed with the Clerk of District

Court for Ward County, North Dako-

ta, requesting an Order changing the

name of Kaekilia LeoLynn (current

full, legal name) to Selena Inali Ray-

nelif Drake (requested full, legal


Pursuant to N.D.C.C. 32-28-02, thir-

ty days previous notice of the in-

tended application must be given in

the official newspaper printed in this

county. You are hereby notified that

thirty days after publication, peti-

tioner intends to file a petition re-

questing entry of the Court’s Order

changing the name of Kaekilia Leo-

Lynn (current full, legal name) to

Selena Inali Raynelif Drake (re-

quested full, legal name). Any ob-

jection to granting this name change

must be given in writing to the ad-

dress listed below within 30 days of

the date of this publication. The writ-

ten objection must also be filed with

the Court. If no objections are given,

the Court may respond to the Peti-

tion without further hearing.

Dated this 15th day of April, 2021.

/s/ Kaekilia LeoLynn

Kaekilia LeoLynn

901 62nd Ave. NE

Minot, ND 58703

(April 21, 2021)


The U.S. Department of

Agriculture’s Animal and Plant

Health Inspection Service (APHIS),

Plant Protection and Quarantine, is

making available to the public an en-

vironmental assessment for Federal

involvement in the North Dakota

Rangeland Grasshopper and Mor-

mon Cricket Suppression Program.

Persons wishing to obtain a copy of

the document[s] can visit the APHIS

website at https://www.aphis.

usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/planthealth/plant-pest-and-disease-programs/ea/grasshopper-cricket-ea/grasshopper-cricket-by-state or contact Don Anderson, USDA- APHIS-PPQ, at 3509 Miriam Ave. Suite A, Bismarck ND 58501, (701) 355-3362.Inquiries should request the Environmental Assessment for the North Dakota Rangeland Grasshopper and Mor-

mon Cricket Suppression Program,

Mar 21, 2021. Persons wishing to

comment on the document[s] should

send the comments to the above

address[es] by May 21. 2021.

(April 21-28, 2021)



Cable One VoIP LLC

Designated Eligible Carrier


Case No. PU-21-123



April 14, 2021

On March 30, 2021, Cable One

VoIP LLC (Cable One) filed an appli-

cation for designation as an eligible

telecommunications carrier (ETC)

for the purpose of receiving Federal

Communications Commission’s

(FCC) Rural Digital Opportunity

Fund Phase I funding in FCC speci-

fied census blocks in North Dakota.

The FCC requires that Cable One

be designated as an ETC by June 7,

2021. Cable One proposes to pro-

vide these services using a combi-

nation of its own facilities and the fa-

cilities of other carriers.

In the March 30, 2021 application,

Cable One also seeks designation

as an ETC for the purpose of receiv-

ing federal universal service support

for low-income consumers under 47

CFR Part 54 Subpart E. Cable One

proposes to provide lifeline service

in the Reed, Briarwood, Fargo,

Prairie Rose, Horace, Frontier, Cass

and Reile’s Acres areas within the

Fargo exchange. Such designation

is also known as Lifeline-only ETC

designation. Cable One proposes to

provide Lifeline universal services to

qualifying low-income North Dakota

customers using a combination of its

own facilities and the facilities of oth-


The issues to be considered in both

matters are:

1. Is the applicant qualified under the

Telecommunications Act of 1996,

Section 214(e) for designation as an

ETC eligible to receive federal

universal service funding?

2. What ETC universal service sup-

port area should be designated?

3. Is designation of the applicant as

an ETC in the public interest?

Those interested are invited to com-

ment on the application in writing.

Persons desiring a hearing must file

a written request identifying their in-

terest in the proceeding and the rea-

sons for requesting a hearing. Com-

ments and requests for hearings

must be received by May 24, 2021.

If deemed appropriate, the Commis-

sion can determine the matter

without a formal hearing.

For more information contact the

Public Service Commission, State

Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota

58505, 701-328-2400; or Relay

North Dakota 1-800-366-6888 TTY.

If you require any auxiliary aids or

services, such as readers, signers,

or Braille materials please notify the



Randy Christmann, Commissioner

Julie Fedorchak, Chair

Brian Kroshus, Commissioner

(April 21, 2021)

Surrey Special Mtg 4/12/2021

Mayor: C Tollefson

Council Members: S Fennewald, T

Gantzer, J Johns, B Dickinson

City Auditor: A Trana

Clerk/Scribe: T Beck

Also Present: Chief Howe, J Doyle

Mayor Tollefson called the meeting

to order at 6:30 p.m. with immediate

topic of agenda being attorney con-

sultation for an amended complaint

received from the ND Dept of Labor.

Johns/Dickinson to discuss the ND

Dept of Labor Human Rights com-

plaint received in Executive Session,

pursuant to ND Cent Code

44-04-19.1. Roll Call Vote; Johns-

Aye, Dickinson-Aye, Gantzer- Nay,

Fennewald-Nay. With tie break re-

quired Mayor Tollefson voted Aye.

Motion carried. The public was

asked to leave with member Fen-

newald joining them. Executive Ses-

sion began at 6:34 p.m. The regular

meeting reconvened at 6:42 p.m.

with topic of the recent office posi-

tion opening and reorganization of

staff being presented for discussion.

The auditor provided a list of the

tasks that had been executed in the

absence of the City Administrator,

explained there were 120 hours’

worth of work at the City Hall with 2

current office employees, and

shared that time would need to be

allotted to do, learn, plus train.

Fennwald/Gantzer moved to adver-

tise for a City Administrator for the

City of Surrey. Roll Call Vote;

Fennewald-Aye, Gantzer-Aye, Dic-

kinson – Nay, Johns- Nay. With tie

break required, Mayor Tollefson

called on the members who voted

against the motion to explain their

reasoning and voted Nay. Motion

failed. Dickinson/Johns MS to ad-

vertise for a Deputy Auditor for the

City of Surrey. Dickinson/Johns MS

to amend the motion to advertise for

a Deputy Auditor for the City of

Surrey including “that salary would

be depending on experience.” Roll

Call Vote; Dickinson-Aye, Johns-

Aye, Fennewald-Nay, Johns- Nay.

With tie break required, Mayor Tol-

lefson voted Aye. Motion carried.

Mr. Dickinson moved to promote AJ

Waller to the Public Works Director,

with the attorney reminding the

members the topic was not on the

Special Meeting agenda. Mr. Doyle

pro-actively spoke to the members

about upcoming Public Works sum-

mer duties. Mr. Dickinson moved to

advertise and hire for a part-time

seasonal maintenance worker to as-

sist with mowing, painting, and other

shop duties for the City, allowing up

to 40 hours a week with wage based

on experience. Mr. Dickinson

moved to amend his motion to in-

clude that “age requirements follow

insurance guidelines.” Motion 2nd

by Ms. Johns. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 6:35 p.m.

(April 21, 2021)


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