Legal Notices 6-30

City of Burlington Equipment

Public Sale

Offers will be accepted from

7/4/2020 until 7/10/2020 at 4:00 pm

for the following pieces of equip-


2012 Toolcat 5600 (546 hrs) with

bucket- minimum offer $35,000

1976 John Deer 4430 (10,711 hrs)-

minimum offer $13,000

General 15′ Batwing mower-

minimum offer $2,000

John Deer 970 (2,028 hrs) –

minimum offer $3,000

Five 3-point attachments used with

JD 970- minimum offer $2,000

2000 Ford F150 6 cylinder (70,000

miles)- minimum offer $4,000

Sand Dog Hopper (salt/sand)-

minimum offer $3,000

451 New Holland Sickle- minimum

offer $500

Please place offers at Burlington

City Hall located at 225 N Wallace

St, Burlington, ND 58722. Multiple

offers may be placed throughout the

offer time frame. Open to view at

City Hall.

For information call

Jayden @ 701-833-9769

(June 24-25-26-27-29-30; July

1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9, 2020)



Berthold and North Shore Plaza


Lewis and Clark School Board Reg-

ular Meeting

May 11, 2020

The regular meeting of the Lewis

and Clark School Board was called

to order at 7:05 pm in the Berthold

gymnasium. Board members

present were Brown, Pank, Deaver,

Engelhard, Hennessy and Erickson.

Absent was Schilla. Also present

were Superintendent Ritteman, High

School Principals Gerding and Jen-

kins, Athletic Director Brown, Busi-

ness Managers Liz Huus and Tam-

my Lindahl. Motion was made by

Brown/Hennessy to approve the

agenda with the addition of two

items. All yes. MC. Motion was

made by Pank/Brown to approve the

board minutes of the regular board

meeting April 13, 2020. All yes. MC.

Motion was made by

Pank/Engelhard to approve the

minutes of the Building Authority

meeting April 13, 2020. All yes. MC.

The following general and building

fund bills were presented: ACT

180.00; American Express 5,212.53;

AVI Systems 807.50; American

Welding & Gas 50.25; Berthold

Cenex 487.94; City of Berthold

905.20; Dakota Boys and Girls

8,646.40; Eckroth Music 33.88; ET-

Systems 1,414.20; EduTech 100.00;

Enerbase 45.19; Gooseneck Imple-

ment 3,295.00; HA Thompson

985.62; Information Technology

212.04; Jostens 51.20; Kevin’s

Plumbing 160.06; MARCO Techno-

logies 155.00; Menards 754.09;

Montana Dakota 2,915.54; NAPA

Auto Parts 27.81; North Prairie Rural

Water 322.97; Otter Tail 4,704.33;

Plaza Farmers Union 1,134.07; Pla-

za Hardware 411.49; Popplers

Music 54.88; Reservation Telephone

681.09; School Specialty 23.36;

Stein’s 158.43; The Minot Daily

News 103.36; Verendrye Electric

3,824.00; Xcel Energy 151.59; Bank

of North Dakota 580,717.53; Post-

master 8.21; Harley’s Bus

84,750.00; DC Entertainment

250.00; Postmaster 111.60; Motor

Vehicle Branch 18.50; Companion

Life Dental 15.00; The Horace Mann

744.62; Postmaster 80.40; Signs To-

day 631.38; Postmaster 88.30; Post-

master 64.80; Makoti Postmaster

200.00; BASYS 91.59; First Interna-

tional 62.80

Total May Payroll – $451,561.85

Total May General – $125,126.22

Total May Debt Service –


The board and administration re-

viewed the bills and financial re-

ports. Motion was made by

Engelhard/Hennessy to accept the

general fund and sinking and in-

terest fund bills and the revenue and

expense reports. All yes. MC. Mo-

tion was made by Hennessy/Deaver

to approve the Hot Lunch report dat-

ed April 30, 2020. All yes. MC. Mo-

tion was made by Engelhard/Brown

to approve the non-tuition agree-

ment for one student to attend Minot

Public School from the Lewis and

Clark Berthold School. All yes. MC.

Athletic Director reported on direc-

tive of all spring events cancelled

due to the coronavirus. Use of build-

ing over the summer for basketball

camps, etc will be tabled until further

action by the governor’s office. This

also includes use of outdoor facili-

ties. Superintendent Ritteman dis-

cussed our meal distribution sum-

mer program will end May 15, 2020.

Both schools will have Monday, May

18, 2020 from 4:00-6:00 as drop

off/pick-up to end the school year.

Superintendent Ritteman presented

a proposal from Hope Electric to re-

place all the fluorescent lights in the

older parts of both buildings. They

propose a 50% grant that we could

apply for. Mr. Ritteman will get two

more proposals for the next board

meeting. Mr. Ritteman discussed the

CARES grant (Coronavirus Aid, Re-

lief, and Economic Security) where

we will receive $48,000. He is pro-

posing to spend in either transporta-

tion or technology. Mr. Ritteman also

discussed the plan to have an

agreement drawn up for church lots

that we lease from the Catholic

Church of Berthold. Motion was

made by Hennessy/Brown to hire

Sugandh Chaturvedi as Lewis and

Clark Berthold High School math

teacher for 2020-21. All yes. MC.

Motion was made by Deaver/Pank

to hire Kelly Hochhalter as Lewis

and Clark Berthold High School sci-

ence teacher for 2020-21. All yes.

MC. Motion was made by

Brown/Engelhard to hire Stephanie

Hochhalter as Lewis and Clark NSP

assistant principal. All yes. MC. Mo-

tion was made by Hennessy/Brown

to hire Shelby Zahn as Lewis and

Clark NSP 5th grade teacher. All

yes. MC. Mr. Ritteman discussed

the district librarian position. He

plans to use teacher aides to fill that

position. Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. Gerd-

ing went over graduation plans. NSP

will have graduation in the Plaza

Park and Berthold’s will be at the

football field following all the state

social distancing plans. Board

members on stage will be Hennessy

for Berthold and Erickson for NSP.

Motion as made by

Hennessy/Brown to approve both

schools’ graduation plans as

presented for 5-24-2020. All yes.

MC. Motion was made by

Hennessy/Pank to approve the three

principal contracts as presented for

Melissa Lahti, Janis Gerding and

Jacob Jenkins. All yes. MC. Elemen-

tary Handbook was discussed. Mrs.

Gerding presented two small

changes. Motion was made by

Hennessy/Pank to approve as 1st

reading the Lewis and Clark Ele-

mentary School Handbook for

2020-21. All yes. MC. Motion was

made by Hennessy/Pank to approve

as 2nd reading the Lewis and Clark

High School Handbook for 2020-21.

All yes. MC. With no further busi-

ness the meeting adjourned with a

motion by Engelhard at 8:45 pm.

/s/Liz Huus

Liz Huus, Recording Business


/s/Shane R. Erickson

(June 30, 2020)









tion in the above-entitled matter will

be filed with the Clerk of District

Court for Ward County, North Dako-

ta, requesting an Order changing the

name of Corrine Marie Weaver to

Corrine Marie Vondal. Pursuant to

N.D.C.C. 32-28-02, 30 days previ-

ous notice of the intended applica-

tion must be given in the official

newspaper printed in this county.

You are hereby notified that 30 days

after publication, petitioner intends

to file a petition requesting entry of

the Court’s Order changing the

name of Corrine Marie Weaver to

Corrine Marie Vondal. Any objection

to granting this name change must

be given in writing to the address

listed below within 30 days of the

date of this publication. The written

objection must also be filed with the

Court. If no objections are given,

the matter will be submitted to the

Court for decision on motion and Af-

fidavit without hearing after the ex-

piration of 30 days from the publica-

tion of this Notice by the District

Court, North Central Judicial District,

Ward County, North Dakota.

Dated this 25th day of June, 2020.

/s/Garrett D. Ludwig


State Bar ID No. 06275

Kelsch, Ruff, Kranda, Nagle &


Attorneys for the Petitioner

103 Collins Avenue, P.O. Box 1266

Mandan, North Dakota 58554-7266

Phone: (701) 663-9818

Email: gludwig@kelschlaw.com

(June 30, 2020)


A public hearing of an application by

Ward County Water Resources for a

variance will be held during the

Ward County Planning Commission

meeting on Thursday, July 16, 2020

at 7:00 pm in Room 106 & 108 of

the Ward County Administration

Building. The purpose of the request

is to acquire property through the

outlet process that does not meet

minimum lot size to be used for right

of way along 30th Street SW in Af-

ton Township for a flood mitigation

project on the following described


Proposed Outlot 1 lying in the

NW4NW4 22-154-83, Proposed

Outlot 2 lying in the SE4SE4

16-154-83, Proposed Outlot 16 lying

in the SW4SW4 15-154-83

You are receiving this notice be-

cause your property is located within

one mile of the above property. Per-

sons wishing to be heard on the pro-

posed variance will have the oppor-

tunity to address the Planning Com-

mission during the hearing. Infor-

mation and input may also be

presented in writing by addressing

the Ward County Planning Com-

mission, PO Box 5005, Minot, ND

58702-5005. All written materials

must reach the Planning Commis-

sion before the end of the hearing.

The text of the application is avail-

able for public inspection in the of-

fice of the Ward County Planning

and Zoning Administrator at the

Ward County Highway Department

(900 13th St. SE, Minot) during reg-

ular business hours. By orders of the

Ward County Planning Commission,

this 10day of June, 2020.

/s/Doug Diedrichsen

Doug Diedrichsen

Ward County Planning and Zoning


(June 30, 2020)


Surrey Public School is currently ac-

cepting applications for the following


School Bus Drivers

Head Cook

Applications are available at the of-


(June 26-27-29-30; July 1-2-3, 2020)


Probate No. 51-2020-PR-00080






In the Matter of the Estate of

Marjorie E. Zietlow, Deceased


Darcie Haider has been appointed

personal representative of the Estate

of Majorie E. Zietlow. All persons

having claims against Marjorie E.

Zietlow are required to present their

claims within three (3) months after

the date of the first publication of this

notice or said claims will be forever

barred. Claims must either be

presented to Darcie Haider, per-

sonal representative of the estate, at

P.O. Box 998, Minot, ND

58702-0998, or filed with the Court.

Dated this 20th day of April, 2020.

/s/Darcie Haider

Darcie Haider

Personal Representative

(April 23-30; May 7, 2020)


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