Book on rescued dog brings in awards

Author Kat Socks plans second book for fall

Submitted Photo Here Kat Socks poses with the award she received in June from the Indie Book Awards for her book “Pickles the Dog: Adopted in North Dakota.”

“Pickles the Dog: Adopted in North Dakota” was published last year by author Kat Socks and illustrator Ben Brick. The book is based upon the story of a real dog adopted by a family member of Socks in Minot around the time of the 2011 flood.

“Pickles the Dog” has now been given four awards: two for cover design, one for being an inspirational/motivational children’s book and one in a section for books about animals/pets.

“It’s a little surprising. I never really expected to get awards for the book, but I’m really excited about it,” Socks said.

Just in June, Socks got to travel to Washington D.C. to accept the award from the Indie Book Awards. While there, she got to do a book signing at the World’s Largest Library Conference. The entire thing, she says, was a wonderful experience.

Socks wasn’t expecting “Pickles the dog” to gain so much recognition, saying, “I was hoping it would do really well, but I just never really knew how people would feel about it.”

The awards the book has received come from Read-to-Me Kids Bookshelf Books’ Quarterly Cover Design, the Independent Press Award and the Indie Book Awards.

Socks has also announced the release for the second installment of the “Pickles the Dog” series. The book, which will be released in the fall, will be a Christmas story.

“The story is focused on the ideas of families creating their own holiday traditions and making a point to do something special to them,” Socks said.

The story was inspired by her four year old. She wanted to show him what Christmas was about besides Santa and presents. She helped him make a list of all the people he knew, had him help with extra chores to save money and then took him to the dollar store where he could buy gifts for everyone.

“He was so excited to give the gifts,” she said.

The new “Pickles the Dog” book will follow the same girl from the first story as she prepares for Christmas in her own way, showing all the different traditions she and her family have for the holiday season.

The book will also have a fun call-out to a Midwest tradition and to Pickles name: The Christmas Pickle. The tradition says that the final ornament hung on the tree at Christmas time is a pickle shaped ornament, hidden deep in the pine needles. Whichever kid finds it first on Christmas morning is assured good luck for the next year.

On each page of the new “Pickles the Dog” book, a green little pickle will be hidden for readers to find.

The first book of the series, “Pickles the Dog: Adopted in North Dakota” is available at Main Street Books, Nature’s Book, Barnes and Noble and the Souris Valley Animal Shelter. A percentage of all sales are donated to animal shelters.

The first year since “Pickles the Dog” was published has been a busy one but good one.