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Do you think the NAWS pipeline will ever see a drop of water from the Missouri River?

  1. Yes, treated at Minot
  2. Yes, treated at Sakakawea
  3. Won't happen
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Apr-14-14 9:43 AM

NAWS was in the making long b4 the KXL pipe but which one has our reps. given the most support? KXL and they bash our president 4 it. It is obvious what their priority is--canadian oil. Which is more dangerous to our environment, tar oil or sak water? Ships from overseas dump their bilge tanks containing fish like asian carp in the great lakes but we can't have sak water going to canada. Millions of waterfowl migrate from lake sak non-stop to canada with biota on their feet and in their digestive system but no naws approval 2 date. It is clear to see who's side those who praise putin and can oil--r on.

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Apr-13-14 11:03 AM

Renek: Many believe rice, nelson and area water bodies including 2 wpa's are connected underground because those waters maintain the same water level. They believe it must be drained to douglas creek which flows 2 sakakawea; for any lowering success.

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Apr-13-14 10:58 AM

We can't have bakken size oil development without a significant increase in our water supply. Perhaps the oil goons in canada should talk with the water goons in canada since both have so much influence on our lives and contradict each other in policy.

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Apr-13-14 6:23 AM

NONE of these Projects ever get Finished. They just help get Politicians Elected and Line their Pockets with GOLD........

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Apr-12-14 11:38 PM

if a person looks at a topograchic map rice lake flowes into a wildlife refuge south of 23 a small grade change would have to take place but it would regulate the hight of rice lake and no pipeline is needed then it would end up in a natural water flow. and you are correct it would only suply minott for about a week and is inefficient to put a pipe in for that

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Apr-12-14 9:44 PM

R-e-d-n-e-c-k is apparently politically incorrect. Just how is one 2 learn these things? Divine intervention?

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Apr-12-14 9:38 PM

Dang straight mule. *******:Good thought but rice is probably just a 1 week supply--would not be worth the cost of the pipe. It would control the level of rice permanently. It might need canada's blessing because it has no drainage and sits between the souris and missouri drainages. It is in the coteau hills, 15 mi south; which separates the 2 drainages. the souris like the red end in lake winipeg. canada also contested the transfer of devils lake water to the red even though it is clearly in the lake winipeg drainage. They can keep their xl pipe 4 how they treated us on naws and devils lake water.

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Apr-12-14 5:34 PM

So angry PJ, earned income tax credit not big enough for you this year? Still should be more than you paid in so lighten up.

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Apr-12-14 12:56 PM

Go drink a glass of water.

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Apr-12-14 11:07 AM

Since it has already happened and since there is now a real potential of an oil spill of some kind to occur on the Misery River, the chances of the water to flow through the pipeline are becoming more remote.

The City of Minot probably won't be able to use Missouri River water because of contamination from oil activity.

Grounds for a law suit.

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Apr-12-14 10:47 AM

rice lake has a natural outflow that could be manipulated to solve the problem with minnamal work, but people think that throwing a lot of money at a problem is the answer.

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Apr-12-14 6:00 AM

The Rice Lake aquifer has too much water and it is only a short distance to the naws pipeline. Use the pipeline to move excess water to Minot or to Sakakawea?.

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Apr-12-14 3:03 AM

It is ok 4 canada 2 send us sewage in the flood water but not ok for us to send sparkly clean lake sakakawea water to the exact same location in canada. They have us in court. We should have them in court for the sewage and the 26,000 cfs flood water. we had a deal that cost us $42 million. Never more will we believe such rants from politicians; now water lines and vacant homes will force us 2 remember.

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Apr-12-14 2:54 AM

Our infamous mayor was stuck on treating the water in minot and caused this disgruntle. While the pipe decays in the ground without any benefit, our "civic leaders" have cut off their nose to spite their face. It will probably take a couple of years just to repair leaks in the pipe, once it is utilized. Happy to say i never believed their snake oil pitch and never voted for um. Their legacy is the 2011 flood and that pricey empty pipe from here to Totten trail. Let's call the empty pipe molester tubular. Why i can't attend hostefest.

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