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Considering her age – she was born Oct. 26, 1947 – and her health history, should Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016?

  1. Absolutely
  2. Maybe not
  3. No
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Jan-26-13 9:32 AM

Red herring, PJ.

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Jan-25-13 5:58 PM

I think the word "hate" is now the most over-used in the English language.

What does it even mean anymore?

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Jan-24-13 9:26 PM

Someone mentioned conspiracy today. I know why Hillary does not like Sunday Talk Shows. She said it was a "conspiracy" against Bill about Monica, because of the Republicans. Turned out to be true. They are both liars. And continue and think the American people actually believe them. She is no longer important nor her Husband. They did that to themselves. She right, "what difference does it make" what happens to her. No more than what she said about the Americans left behind in Benghazi. She is no longer important.

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Jan-24-13 8:53 PM

If Hillary wants to throw her hat into the ring, by all means, she should consider a bid at the presidency.

She might win. She's tougher than Bill the Idiot.

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Jan-24-13 7:55 PM

jbird, something must be free. You can afford to be on the internet 24/7 telling people how much your state pays.

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Jan-24-13 5:04 PM

Stinger, that was funny! :-)

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Jan-24-13 3:22 PM

Hey, as long as she brings her own cigars to the White House, why not!

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Jan-24-13 2:52 PM

Some people never do anything but criticize and tear down others, which is what their father Satan does. The name “Satan” means “accuser.” In fact, that's all Satan does when he's not destroying people's lives, he criticizes God's children day-and-night. Revelation 12:10

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Jan-24-13 1:15 PM

I hope that she seriously considers running for POTUS. As for everybody jumping on her comment "it doesn't matter", they seem to forget that she said that it didn't matter now (pertaining to the questions from the Republican Senators who are so bent out of shape that President Obama won a second term) that they are just grasping at straws. It happened on her watch and she knows that the State Department made some mistakes, and she is working to make sure it doesn't happen again, and she also blasted the Republicans for blocking any requests for funds for security of State Department personnel overseas.

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Jan-24-13 12:50 PM

I care about the families that lost their sons. I don't care what Clinton or Obama think or do. They continue to lie to protect their own back ends. So, "what difference does it make", what Hillary does. Gone is gone.

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Jan-24-13 12:12 PM

Here's a fact. Mrs. Clinton didn't react the best when repeatedly asked a great question by the WI senator.

The whole Benghazi episode was at the first politicized by the WH, ala Susan Rice's talk show appearances.

For the left to now say that Republicans are "politicizing" is just sour grapes, possessed by people who think there should be no questioning of their actions.

I watched Mrs. Clinton as she was fielding the questions. She held up pretty well, and I can agree with the premise of "trying to insure it doesn't happen again."

But ANY person shouldn't be afraid or reluctant or, dare I say, obstructionist in acknowledging their past actions.

Past job experiences make up resumes. Acting like the Benghazi episode, one of Mrs. Clinton's past job experiences, "doesn't matter now" is asking for a Huge Pass.

Why? Because she's a Democrat? And a woman to boot?

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Jan-24-13 12:09 PM

what has being 60+ have to do with running for President..that is not old..I hope she runs and if she does she will win!!

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Jan-24-13 12:02 PM

I'd think the state of her health would be more important than her age; Reagan was about the same age when he ran in 1980. Whether he should have ran for reelection in '84 though (considering the onset of his Alzheimer's)... We'll have to wait and see what a few years off from SoS will do for her. The presidency is a high-stress position, a bit like drinking the wrong Holy Grail.

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Jan-24-13 11:47 AM

Worried, the last four years of Political Hardball have been the warm-up for these next four years.

No budgets equal governing from crisis to crisis, in front of the TV cameras, characterizing any opposition as "obstructionist."

Politically brilliant.

I'm interested in seeing if Republicans have kahonies enough to get back into the game, and not be blindsided by side issues.

And, if House Republicans don't play the only cards they have, they deserve the disrespect that would come their way.

It's all or politics, that is.

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Jan-24-13 10:45 AM

What's up with "whiner Boehner"? He's crying again that President Obama's going to destroy the republican party! I thought the republican party was doing a good job on its own doing that!

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Jan-24-13 10:39 AM

Considering their experience-should Bachman-Palin be on the Republican ticket in 2016?

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Jan-24-13 9:39 AM

Hillary is better qualified than what is in there now. She should have been the candidate back in 2008. She is the perfect age to run for President. Remember woman live longer than men. She would make history in the USA as the first woman president and the fact her husband had been a two term President. Americans like historical firsts. Isn't that why Obama got elected? He was Black, etc, etc,

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Jan-24-13 8:52 AM

MDN Freaks Out Again

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Jan-24-13 7:16 AM

This poll question doesn't bother me, like it seems to bother the RugbyReader. 14 posts? In less than an hour?

I agree that Hillary Clinton should run for president in 2016. And she should run as a progressive. Because she is one.

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Jan-24-13 2:28 AM

I think all the regular board-folk are sleeping yet. Chillax.

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