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495 days ago.
by Oilcant


FEMAs maximum payout for all types of "Federal Emergency" property damage is $30,200. If the property was in any way income-producing, the "Help" from the government was zero. People have lost their homes, businesses, lifetimes of possessions and memories. $30,200. is insulting. On the other hand - Let's look at our "entitlement" programs. I'll use someone I know (who will remain anonymous) as an example. This person collects Social Security "disability". She's in her mid 20's and has a "learning disability". This girl has mastered every con known to man, from stealing credit cards and cell phones to shoplifting. She has two children who, as dependents, also collect Social Security. Her cash benefits total $800. per month. Housing - $700. per month Food stamps - $450. Medicaid - $????? Let's just guess she's collecting $24,000. yearly, every year, in "Benefits". Too bad our government isn't as generous with people who've w


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Wview: No more big bucks in the farm program. No more website to see what they get either. Hmmm. A humongous irony in our political system is the vast majority of farmers vote republican.

Posted 835 days ago.

Loco: Agree 4 the most part. 4 many years the Fed. has said if you insist on living at the seacoast--u must pay 4 higher ins. 4 the risk u take. Any abuser should be reported because they jeopardize the truly deserving. Agree with the $30K payout for flood victims. How else can we get folks to stop building in flood prone areas? Our "civic leaders" r much to blame 4 allowing continual building in our flood zone such as all of the Perkett area. Add our shifty deal with a shifty canada 4 flood assurance.

Posted 835 days ago.


How much has the few thousand farmers in ND divied up amongst themselves in the last decade or so. Hint - North of a Billion. Many pulling down 50-100000 thousand a year in gov payouts. As it happens most of them are die hard republicans, railing against the cases of single Moms with disability on the dole. Is there abuse there. YES. But the farmers and FEMA recipients, believe they are not looking for handouts. They are better than that. Always good to have someone to turn your nose up at isn't it.

Posted 1171 days ago.


People have been wising up to the gov't gifting thing. Why work, if all that's necessary is your "work" to get the gov't goodies? They shouldn't be easy to get or long-term, but alas, they have been for some people.

Posted 1216 days ago.


Divide and conquer has always worked.

Posted 1221 days ago.

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