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Focus on the problem

June 2, 2014

Every year, U.S. businesses with job openings for technology specialists resort to hiring thousands of bright young foreigners to fill them....

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Jun-04-14 4:12 PM

The MDN can delete as many posts as they want. They can't delete Google, where any person can easily search for the sentence, "Every year, U.S. businesses with job openings for technology specialists resort to hiring thousands of bright young foreigners."

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Jun-02-14 6:08 PM

BD: McDonalds? in Williston was only open 8 hrs. per day because they could not get workers. Low pay. Remember all the ads on minot fast food billboards for workers? The foreign workers at trinity? Low pay. The math is that simple. So is human nature. With the high oil wages, workers can b told to stifle themselves about what happens in the bakken like leaks spills and crime. And they stifle themselves. Money talks. Same reason the right in general hates min. wages or union wages but says nothing about oil wages which r higher than union wages in all categories. Money talks.

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Jun-02-14 2:47 PM

Lack of incentive? I don't think minimum wage is high enough or that most people receive enough benefits. However, I blame U.S. workers (in general, of course) for laziness and a lack of incentive. Is it not incentive enough to want to feed your family and pay your bills with enough left over to hopefully save something toward your retirement? Where do you think all of the Bakken workers come from? Most of them aren't from ND and they didn't only come here for high wages. The incentive was that there were jobs here when there weren't jobs where they came from. And they came because they are motivated, not lazy. I know many of them who have families where they come from and they send money home. Most of it, including the service industry, is hard work and many of the benefits (higher than average wages) are canceled out by what those employees give up to be here and the working conditions.

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Jun-02-14 10:11 AM

It is about incentive. Owners of most big business and many smaller are making record profits and have much incentive 2 perform. Conversely, most workers see stagnant wages and expect 2 earn a lower standard of living. Much of U.S. business has sent jobs overseas and denied retirement funds. The loyalty of the U.S. worker was sold since Reagan and it will take entire careers of workers 4 business 2 earn employee trust & loyalty back. Oil wages r higher than most and loyalty is there "what happens in the bakken stays in the bakken". Don't blame U.S. workers 4 a lack of incentive. It is simple math.

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