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‘The will of the people’

March 6, 2014

“The will of the people.” That concept was debated during Tuesday’s meeting of the Ward County Commission. But defining and interpreting “the will of the people” can be difficult, to say the least....

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Mar-08-14 1:17 AM

Did the Commission ever consider the Air Compatible Utilization Zone Report when deciding to build in the area? This will change flight patterns or did they forget about this too? I just don't get it though...It's the fault of the County back in the day why SW Minot is in shambles but they still pass against the will of the people. So they will screw North Minot up as well for the future.......I am just irritated. Who is responsible for all of this? Who do we hold accountable for all of this management of land over the years? Where are our rights?

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Mar-07-14 9:19 AM

I think the rules or laws are minimums that should be followed if something is approved. I do not think they should be taken to mean that as long as you meet the minimums set in the law or ordinance then the city or the county has to approve. There are a number of reasons why something shouldn't be approved even if it meets the minimum requirements. Do you have enough police and fire to cover the area? Do you have enough people and equipment to maintain the roads? Can the roads handle the increased traffic, will there be safety issues, etc. Can the schools handle the increased students? I think saying that anybody who meets the minimums should just be allowed to develop is going to put that area in a situation where they will end up with a hodge podge of scattered inefficient development that will end up costing all of the taxpayers.

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Mar-07-14 6:40 AM

Correction: March 22, 2013 is the date.

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Mar-07-14 6:39 AM

Oops, my geography was wrong. Still too close for me, though.

I'm too old, I still remember the farm at the top of North Hill and the days of the outdoor theater.

I remember walking across the airport runways and over to where the wrecked and old planes were dumped.

So sotty

If you google Minot Daily News, Townships talk planning and zoning, March 13, 2013, it will give you some more insight with regard to the issue.

Looks like the State of North Dakota is mismanaging again.

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Mar-06-14 7:36 PM

I don't know why anybody would have an issue living next to the airbase. there aren't enough flights in and out of there on a regular basis to be an issue.

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Mar-06-14 11:16 AM

Just checked the Base drainage is north of the base then goes easterly towards Buffalo Lodge Lake.

Google earth makes it look like sloughs and ravines from minot to the base.

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Mar-06-14 11:11 AM

Legend it sounds like the land is those hillsides with the ravine going through there. Is that the ravine the Airbase dumps it's lagoon water into, I know it comes through there someplace and ends up in Buffalo Lodge Lake then onto the Mouse River via Cutbank Creek and Deep River. More than likely just more con's than pro's.

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Mar-06-14 10:32 AM

Rule by the crowd or rule by the law.Were do you get these people from.If the crowd wants it a certain way then tell them to get off their behindes and change the law.Goinpeace

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Mar-06-14 9:52 AM

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be that close to an air force base. Just too close for comfort, the proximity to the base makes it a very undesirable place to be.

A very bad location to develop housing. Never would consider buying there.

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Mar-06-14 8:02 AM

It sounds like the landowner said it is a bad spot to build, all the people who live there say it is bad, the county says it is going to be bad in many ways. So who is getting the kickback that keeps this project in the works?

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Mar-06-14 7:34 AM

Is t change that they object to? The will of the people they say. Question is; were the rules put in place behind the backs of the people or were the people fine with the rules till someone came along that wanted to change the 'landscape'? NIMBY is getting really really old around.

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Mar-06-14 7:22 AM

If you don't follow the WILL of the people you probably Will wish you had. What a plan to start an addition where people don't want it, great welcome wagon for the new residents I bet...LOL!!!

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