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Harassing members of the media

March 1, 2014

We Americans disagree, sometimes fiercely, about government policy and priorities. Liberals argue with conservatives. Republicans do battle with Democrats....

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Mar-05-14 9:20 PM

AS IF billigerence.

Calm down. You'll give yourself apoplexy or something.

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Mar-04-14 10:46 AM


Speaking of long distance boot-licking, it seems the ones you like best belong to the President.

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Mar-03-14 2:19 PM

There are certain Republicans out there which inspire the same kind of criticism from other Republicans: one example is the "conservative" David Brooks.

Since Schoen and Caddell consider themselves Democrats, LS didn't lie about their political status or what they said about President Obama.

To the Democrat party faithful, and I might say to the Republican party faithful, it appears it has to be all or nothing concerning the President.

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Mar-03-14 2:14 PM

"Pat Caddell is a much more interesting character. He’s a brilliant former Democratic strategist for McGovern and Carter who angrily left the party in the late-1980s. He has more or less dedicated his career to trashing Democrats ever since. While he may still actually be a liberal, his intense hatred for the entire Democratic party tends to color his analysis and make him a willing useful idiot for far-right ideologues. (Caddell also used polling to invent the statistical ideal presidential candidate in 1983: “a moderate senator in his early 40's, bold, who breaks with party tradition and wins his generation’s vote.” While it didn’t work with Gary Hart and Joe Biden, maybe he’s just mad that he didn’t get any credit when it did work.)"

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Mar-03-14 2:14 PM

Doesn't billgrr know that Schoen and Caddell call themselves Democrats? Here's what a Salon writer thinks of them...

"Doug Schoen is pollster grifter Mark Penn’s former right-hand man. He wrote a book about how independent Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg should run for president, with Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as his running mate. (His Bloomberg worship is funny, considering that he and Penn proposed doing “market research” for Phillip Morris to help them fight smoking bans in the ’90s.) Schoen’s 2008 insistence that Hillary could win if she’d just attack Obama a little bit harder makes his bemoaning Obama’s supposedly divisive racial politics even more risible."

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Mar-03-14 2:01 PM

"They hate him because he took their health insurance.....oh wait, he didn't."

Plenty of regular Americans have anecdotes that say otherwise. But billgrr might be fond of President Obama's boots or something.

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Mar-03-14 1:57 PM

Turnabout is fair play and sometimes fun.

The Rich making money in the stock market under Republicans - BAD

The Rich making money in the stock market under Democrats - GOOD

Like muleskinner said, there's lots of ordinary folks that don't have money enough to speculate in the market. Why is that? (I already know gip's and billgrr's answer.)

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Mar-03-14 1:53 PM

"...98% of the claims against Obama are DEAD FALSE."

"I think the onus is on the accusers to PROVE their garbage is true."

Quite convenient, that. But whenever I see a post that I question, I do search for confirmation of the assertion. That includes LS, HAetc or anyone else.

It's too easy to throw out figures that "feel" good.

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Mar-02-14 11:47 PM

(Reuters) - Stock prices plummeted while oil prices shot up on Monday as escalating tensions between Russia and the West after Russia bloodlessly seized a part of Ukraine.

Will "BIG OIL" bloodlessly seize part of our income from an 8000 mile away event?


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Mar-02-14 11:06 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 10:37 PM

"Jusata Like I said before I will answer you on a "need to know" basis and so far you have not come forth with one good reason.But I am in North dakota but not within the Minot city limits"

You should run for county commissioner or something. You should have a company poster up all you posts and run on those ideologies. Like roads second and more taxes for roads and more fed money for those roads, so forth & so on.

At your age you should be proud to put your name behind your message and more importantly run for office because you have it all figured out.

Just "Do It" landslide 2014! I promise you my vote to head up the TP/GOP chairman this year. You & Gary E. can shake fists & figure it out!

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Mar-02-14 10:36 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 10:34 PM

Where are you posting from?

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Mar-02-14 10:32 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 10:27 PM

Where are you posting from landslide2014?

I've asked you that 4-5 time now and you avoid it like 7-11 bad relatives.

Do you work for MDN?

Is you personality profile made up?

Are you a liar?

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Mar-02-14 10:18 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 10:02 PM

"And your point would be Justa?????"

As simple as a Hindu from Dehli dialing in this internet age with perspective or a Muslim from Dubai.Both have ties to ND and both have opinions and most importantly both give reasons for their opinions and are proud to say where they're posting from!

For you this seems difficult.....Maybe you lack their perspective of what America is not only about but what it can be. They can't hide their color and choose their religion. Their proud to be Americans no matter where they're at and they'll proudly post where that might be!

TP's seem to walk in the shadow and claim to be victims of something.....What?

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Mar-02-14 10:00 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 9:47 PM

"Justa.. You ant to know who provides my internet service..

Lets go with this Do you have a "need to know"? "

Not a real tough question landslide.

I live in Burleigh County and my ISP is Midco.

I'm currently in AZ but bring up BisTrib for local.....

Since I believe you're a paid progandist from CA bring me up some local stuffola you can sink your teeth into.....

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Mar-02-14 9:53 PM

"landslide14 is all that and more."

The report I read showed 21 hits from ISP's on hate related postings after 2008 elections and another 15 after 2012 making ND #3 in nation for qty #'s of postings or over 650 before & after election.

These have to make criteria as in threatening of some sort and from what I understand these 650+ made it.

Not a proud statistic but nevertheless gives insight to the daily conversation at the Farmers Union coffee & twinkie time I've witnessed.

Where did ALL North Dakotans come from anyway, besides the Native Americans of course?

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Mar-02-14 9:42 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 9:37 PM

"Actually my computer service is supplied by a company right here in Minot .. God your backwards Justa.."

And who would that be? Your service provider?

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Mar-02-14 9:35 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 9:29 PM

"Garr like AHole says its up to the accuser to present the facts.. So lets hear it from you.."

Are you serious? Are you that darn dummmmm!

Everything you post is absolutely ridiculous.....Where are you posting from? What state?

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Mar-02-14 9:31 PM

landslide2014 Mar-02-14 9:24 PM


There you go again you agenda driven out of state poster with no real ties to ND.....Giddyyup!

Opinions, conjecture, positions without any facts.....

Is that what you call the Tea Party calling the kettle BLACK?

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Mar-02-14 9:26 PM

Harassing members of Congress.....

Lindsey Graham says everytime Obama speaks about Ukraine his eyes roll.

Lindsey Graham.....Hmmm. Last one picked for dodge ball Lindsey thinks WH is naive and has suggestions for what Obama should do about situation.

Everybody has one Lindsey and some of you have two!

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Mar-02-14 7:25 PM

"...98% of the claims against Obama are DEAD FALSE."

Level-headed enough to see that this isn't true, but if someone wants to take the time to post the proof of this assertion, have at it.

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Mar-02-14 6:44 PM

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Benghazi and a merry IRS! Cheers!

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Mar-02-14 3:07 PM

The pet goat,First book they put in george w library.Goinpeace

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Mar-02-14 10:55 AM

Libtards never miss an opportunity to play the race card.

They harass people constantly with it.

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Mar-02-14 10:10 AM

Hittin' the rum bottle a little early today, HeeHaw?

For the record, I voted for Ed Schafer for governor and the last Democrat I voted for was Byron Dorgan.

I haven't voted for a Republican or A Democrat for any national or state office since then, it has all been independents or other parties.

Now stop with your stereotyping and ridiculous generalizations and stay on topic.

The main topic is to harass Obama for harassing members of the press and to beat on that drum until the cows come home.

Obama is a phony and one can't really expect much at all from someone who can't recall how many states there are.

Let's stay on target and continue to bash Obama and his policies and forget about the other nonsense nobody wants to hear about.

Time to abandon both parties and wake up. In the meantime, Obama is asking for a good solid bashing and the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Bash Obama today and everyday because it has to be done.

Time for beer.

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Mar-02-14 10:09 AM

And here's the kicker landslide2014.....There's nothing ultra-anything about the current administration.No ultral liberal, no ultra govt., no ultra anti-American, etc, etc, etc.

Like MOST Americans, there's a little of everything in everyone & we understand that, so I can only conclude like a great many people including HaHa that the dislike of Obama coming from the far right, to include yourself is based on a number of prejudices to include color of his skin.

I believe that to be a fact.....You & yours have given me all I need to conclude this hypothesis.

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