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Delusional belief alive

January 10, 2014

Brad Mills, Jamestown This is a response to Gary Wall’s letter (Dec. 29th, Paper is Plenty Liberal). In his letter, M....

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Jan-16-14 5:47 PM

Liberalism is simply failing and America is it's casualty. You can't trust many Democrats since they have promoted its failing existence.

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Jan-13-14 9:28 AM

Usually at the cost of someone's Negative Rights. How this is positive is beyond me.

But then again, being chained to everyone's definitions of "left" and "right" has done nothing but encouraged this tribalist mentality we see so alive and well today.

It's not left vs right, but the State vs you.

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Jan-12-14 10:56 PM

Funny how libs disagree with the amounts of money Obama has borrowed and spent versus Bush..

But you sorry sick twisted minded people will just have to live with the History of the Obama presidnecy when it hits the books..

There aint no going back now.. Obama will be known as the president that bankrupted America..

Wow what a legacy he will leave.. be proud you drug addicted liberals be proud of your boy in the White house even as he destroys our country..

4.8 trillion in 8 years.. 7 TRillion in 5 years.. do the math.. Obama will top out over 10 TRILLION he will double the entire debt of the country from when he took office..

One of the questions in our GGrandkids tests will be which POTUS borrowed and spent America into Bankruptcy!!!

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Jan-12-14 10:37 PM

we should probably discuss the abolishment of slavery

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Jan-12-14 6:31 PM

Balderdash? Balderdash you say, loco. My lands, such language. But, whatever churns your butter. The letter writer is completely correct and factually perfect. Something that can never been said about the wingers on this blog. Oh, you are the exception, loco....hehe

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Jan-12-14 3:42 PM

Brad Mills writes a great letter. I could not agree more.

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Jan-12-14 3:41 PM

" right wingers are nothing but a bunch of self righteous lazy lying hypocrites."

Typical broad brush, NT4M. I do know some people who "work 24X7, never take a vacation, and don't need any retirement plan." I'm sorry you don't.

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Jan-12-14 3:38 PM

"REAL LIBERALS (as opposed to gutless Dems) such as myself say that Muslim treatment of women is about 500 years behind the times, and exactly where Republicans want to take America."

Instead of using NT4M's favorite expletive, I'll use this word....


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Jan-12-14 2:38 PM

hey fat chicks dig me

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Jan-12-14 10:43 AM

Can't undo what's been done, anyhow, the Democrats were about 100 percent behind the Iraqi invasion, so there is no exonerating even one Democrat, and Obama is going to be guilty of killing women, children and goats in Pakistan with his drone warfare practices, so he is a modern day Herod killing all the children under 26 years of age with Odeathcare, death by health care costs.

Delusional belief that Odeathcare is health care is the most serious disease affecting the obamabots clueless brain cell.

Odeathcare is like Japan's destroyed nuclear plant emitting radioactive contaminants into the hydrosphere and atmosphere, the cumulative effects are going to be devastating for the world and the economy.

What Bush and Cheney did was reprehensible and what Obama is doing is even more so.

Good word though, delusional. Obama is delusional. Obamabots are deluded. Believe it.

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Jan-12-14 8:28 AM

And Brad Mills from Jamestown..

What has Obama did with the debt???

Are you so blind sighted by the glow of Obama that you can over look the fact he has borrowed and spent more then any other President before him?

Then tell us where Obama has spent this soon to be 8 TRILLION and show us what we have got for our money he has borrowed and spent..

$4.899 trillion was the amount in EIGHT YEARS under Bush.

As others in this blog indicate Liberals are NOT good at math.. They are just good at getting time off, whining, and handing out welfare like its balloons at the county fair..

And Mr Mill in regard to Obamas sending "It ain;t over yet"

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Jan-12-14 5:14 AM

Let's stereotype:

The only delusions that are alive are those that foster the belief that liberals actually want to work.

They want weekends off, eight hour work days, vacations, retirement benefits. Those lazy clowns are always looking for an excuse to not work, typical liberal behavior.


Delusions from liberals are par for the course, they're always delusional.

You can throw a rock anywhere in North Dakota and hit a Republican said James J. Hill. A liberal railroad magnate who just happened to help settle the northern plains with immigrants from Norway and Russia.

If it weren't for Jim Hill, Minot might not have been settled at this spot.

Of course, conservatives would never ever think of moving from Europe to America, so most Americans are from liberal thinking stock, and that's why America is broke.

Delusions of liberals have ruined America.

Conservatives can never be blamed for all that is wrong, they never make a mistake and can't be faulted.

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