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NSA can't blame the computer

November 26, 2013

Sit down for this one....

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Dec-02-13 2:29 PM

Almost predictably, NT4M is disingenuous again. His definition from urbandictionary IS NOT the first one ascribed to "tea bagger." It won't be me telling the folks here exactly what that original definition is.

If NT4M does come clean and post the first definition, it would be deemed "inappropriate content" i.e., not suitable for children.

C'mon, NT4M! Full disclosure!

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Dec-02-13 1:41 AM


I only have one user name. Anyone find it unusual for willygarr/canook fish we shoot with a rifle and captain in the U. S. Army during Vietnam has mostly disappeared. He still won't verify his highly decorated military record by verifying where he earned his college degree or where he received his military training that would qualify him to command troops in Vietnam. I'm call NoTea4Me/willygarr/canook a fraud. Get this one deleted you fake.

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Nov-30-13 10:25 AM

L ying:

I t

B eats

S tating

- - - - - -

Who's next?

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Nov-30-13 9:35 AM

NT4M, I'd call you disingenuous, but that'd be nice.

As you don't seem to have the correct goods, urbandictionary can enlighten you and anyone else who might actually believe what you said.

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Nov-29-13 3:44 PM

As far as definitions go, I'd hope that NT4M will enlighten us all on what "Tea Bag" and "Tea Baggers" mean, as he uses the terms almost like a label or something...

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Nov-29-13 3:42 PM

"With all your knowledge of 'leeches' you probably know who they are, don't you?

"Absolutely! Anyone who is against single payer healthcare and/or Obamacare and refuse to buy insurance."

Rather narrow definition, but one that serves to promote NT4M's view exclusively. Is that a liberal thing?

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Nov-27-13 7:15 AM

Some of the grandest liberal hyperbole I've seen in a while, NT4M, especially this one...

3. Slavery will make a comeback and you will get to be one.

Right about now, those who are FORCED to buy insurance under Obamacare might feel akin to slaves.

Oh, yeah, you weren't in favor of Obamacare, but single-payer.

"You load sixteen tons, what do you get

"Another day older and deeper in debt

"Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go

"I owe my soul to the company store"

aka federal government

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Nov-26-13 10:38 AM

wow 57,000 signups in KY. Obamacare is surely on the road to prosperity lol

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