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Defining moment

November 24, 2013

Connie Feist, Minot Seldom does an issue arise within a community that can be described as a defining moment for the future of its citizens. Such an issue will be voted on in Minot on Dec....

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Dec-01-13 3:56 PM


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Nov-28-13 4:03 PM

Here r some facts from the mps wbsite. Projected enrollments thru 2017/18 r. Elementary 4463 with a 3640 cap, middle 1670 witha 1728 cap, high 2107 with a 2100 cap. The facts do not support 80m for a new high school. Elementary yes, middle and central conversion possibly. Also its interesting the budget outlays march the revenues which include over 10% increase in the last two years. So, back to the drawing board mps.

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Nov-27-13 11:28 PM

ceci***eli WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Your not fooling anybody, We all know the vote is Dec. 10th and we going to vote a big NO. Now go stick your head in the sand bank with the rest of the school board!!!

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Nov-27-13 7:51 AM

Not lying about the $1,000 increase in property taxes over the yeard. Did the research you have to remember people in Southwest Minot getting a huge hefty increase in property taxes because of the commercial property behind their houses.

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Nov-26-13 4:55 PM

The bond will fail 100% guaranteed

Just don't forget to vote folks.. Every vote will count...

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Nov-26-13 4:53 PM

Legand where you story runs off track is the working people pay a tax for M?M SS The Aca doesnot take from everyone.. It takes from the rich and gives to the poor..

It has no requirments for those without a job.. If your unemployed and wish to work under the table you can get free medical, free food and subsidized housing.. You will have no skin in the game. The guy next door will have to pick up your tab..

Look at how people HATE folks who milk the system and live off food stamps, fake disabilites, and pop a kid every year to get welfare..

Now add Insurance to the list. Ya reallly think thats going to make these free grabber more popular?

Wait till next year when 150 MILLION more people get kicked of their employers insurance.. Lets see how the moral of those companies hold up. Disgruntled employees, work slow downs, poor product.. all thanks to Obamacare..

The American people have not even felt more then the tiny tip of this shaft.. The worst is yet to come.

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Nov-26-13 3:12 PM

If the bond issue keeps getting rejected in Minot, what makes you think us voters are stupid enough to vote for it this time? For the person who says that property taxes are not going up over $1,000 for some people, you obviously did not have a flooded house! Many homes that have rebuilt have doubled or tripled in value in the past year due to being rebuilt. Those homeowners are looking at HUGE property tax increases despite any tax relief coming from the state. This of course is also not counting changes in flood insurance that may be coming our way if our state delegation is unable to pull a deal through. The only way your property taxes are not going to increase is if your home value has stayed the same, which is not the case for many homeowners. It's time for our citizens to stand firm against the bond issue, and speak out united in vote that WE CAN'T AFFORD NEW TAXES! Don't let the yes voters try to guilt you or bully you into voting with them.

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Nov-26-13 1:22 PM

Facts? You bring us facts? We want irrational thought! We want uninformed opinions!

"The rock pile at MSU was paid for by contributions from private citizens. The dry****was to be built north of Burlington/Minot and would have controlled the Des Lacs River. The Save the Valley group composed of various people north of here - Orlin Hanson and Mr. Banker - he was from Mohall - were two leaders who did everything they could to defeat the dry dam. Finally, after several years of trying to get the dry****built Minot leaders went with Plan B - which was not as good as Plan A - and that was to buy storage in the dams in Canada that were being built. Those dams were NEVER intended to be dry. I am as unhappy as the next flooded person how it all turned out in 2011 but we need to keep the facts straight.

Don't believe me - do your own research. So let us hate everybody and then take it out on the schools which had nothing to do with the Fair Stand, Hostfest, etc.. Makes sense to me.&qu

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Nov-26-13 1:16 PM

@mule The district has tried running a bond issue in the past to correct some of the issues this bond issue covers, but it was rejected. Kicking the can down the road makes it more expensive in the long run. I will be voting yes.

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Nov-26-13 10:14 AM

Removing the building levy in Minot was shortsighted.

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Nov-26-13 10:13 AM

Minot is the only large school district and one of about 6 in the entire state that does not have a building levy. Building levies are designed to take care of the school buildings. At one time Minot had one and it was voted out sometime in the early 70's. So repairs and updates must come out of the general fund. Also, Minot has to keep a good sized interim fund because of the base students - DOD money is voted on every year and it comes to school districts like Minot whenever. There is no set date and the formula changes, also, from time to time. In the late 90's and onward quite a bit of progress was made on roofs, some electrical, etc part of which was paid for by DOD funds that were meant for building upkeep. These were "extra" for that purpose only. DOD funds can be used at the three base schools as well as high school campuses - where base students attend. If you want lots of details on all of this it is public record.

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Nov-26-13 9:45 AM

Heres a peek into how things work around funding of public schools in the US. Just go ahead and jump straight to the funding section. *******en.m.wikipedia****/wiki/Education_in_the_United_States And I just want to add my property taxes did NOT go up $1000. They went up roughly $75 for the year. Whomever is getting that big of an increase has grounds to have it dismissed or is just lying.

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Nov-26-13 2:25 AM

Vote No on December 9th on both items...!!!

Vote Yes on December 10th on both items...!!!

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Nov-25-13 11:47 PM

I saw an ad on tv aired by the 'yes' voters. I had no idea that Minot's schools were in such poor shape! Who has been ignoring these problems with the schools all of these years?

The homeowner has been doing his part and paying the property tax, so the homeowner can't really be blamed.

Must be a problem with the educational system and the school board.

And the voting citizens are supposed to support their failure?

The pictures on tv are worth a thousand words. Those in charge of the school system have been doing a poor job. They provide the evidence, incriminating as it is.

Or, they are just painting a picture so bleak that there is no truth to it whatsoever.

The vote has to be 'no'.

Their motives are obvious. And that is to have somebody pay for their mistakes.

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Nov-25-13 10:13 PM


•Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2010. Among people 25 to 64 years old, drug overdose caused more deaths than motor vehicle traffic crashes.1 •Drug overdose death rates have been rising steadily since 1992 with a 102% increase from 1999 to 2010 alone.1 •In 2010, 30,006 (78%) of the 38,329 drug overdose deaths in the United States were unintentional, 5,298 (14%) of suicidal intent, and 2,963 (8%) were of undetermined intent.1 •In 2011, drug misuse and abuse caused about 2.5 million emergency department (ED) visits. Of these, more than 1.4 million ED visits were related to pharmaceuticals.

78% were unintentional? That means these drug addicts didnt mean to overdose.. Obamacare is going to clean them guys right up right Legand???

You guys live in this fantasy world. Drug addicts will not sign up. An Overdose leads to a trip to ER.. If Obama "cared" he would close the borders stop the drugs and "heal" the addicts.. NOT HAPPENING!!!!

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Nov-25-13 10:10 PM

So legand hurry down and sign up.. Pay the way for these 45,000 people who die..

Then come back and tell me how many die each year even tho they have top rate medical insurance..

Then you want us to believe these numbers..

We already know Obama is a liar.. Proven fact over and over again.. The numbers quoted are over 19 years old.. No up to date facts..

You can spout all the numbers you want but you have no ACTUAL facts to back them up.

100,000 die from wrong drugs.. You are a sucker aren't you..

DRUG OVERDOSE ring your bell Legand?????

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Nov-25-13 5:43 PM

And that example is just where these "new schools" are heading for.. Bigger better buildings.. with stadiums and spotrs arenas.. all at the enormus cost to the Property Owners.. The Tax payers..

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Nov-25-13 5:42 PM

2013-11-04 by Karl Denninger education.

What happens when you throw what amounts to unlimited amounts of money at something by allowing people to borrow virtually any amount? The price shoots the moon. Then you change the law so that the borrowed money can't be discharged in bankruptcy, and voila -- instant slaves.

You demanded crazy resort-style colleges, instead of plain cinder-block dorms and a place to learn something. The colleges engaged in an arms race of stadium and gilded "student center" building, all financed (that is, with debt that will have to be paid) and in some cases they were (and are) crazy enough to issue century bonds for it (that is, 100 year maturities.) What are the odds that said building will be standing in 100 years? I'll take the other side of that one, but when you (and your parents) march into the financial "aid" office and file that FAFSA and then sign on the line you are directly and intentionally blowing your own financial

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Nov-25-13 5:33 PM

I wonder how much cheaper the constructions of these schools would be if the school district supplied the materials to build the schools, and then members of the community volunteered to construct the schools ourselves. I bet it wouldn't cost anywhere near what the current big price tag is. One thing however about the issue that really bothers me is that all of this is based on estimates, and is it not true that estimates can be wrong? I believe that the estimates for how much money the city would get in sales taxes this year has been falling pretty short from their estimates. I think that it is silly and irresponsible for the school to spend this kind of money on something that we are not even certain will remain permanent. Then what are we left with? A bunch of empty buildings, and not enough tax revenues coming in to pay for them?

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Nov-25-13 5:06 PM

Honestly, I've spoken to a lot of people about the bond, and most people that I know are voting against the bond. They are tired of getting drained dry by this city. People have to have enough money to make ends meet, that's the fact. Most people who are struggling are going to vote against the bond, because unlike our city and school district, we have to actually make a budget work. You don't see anyone making $40,000 a year buying a $1 million dollar mansion. Do you know why? Because they can't afford it. Maybe the school system needs to learn to live within its means like the rest of us do.

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Nov-25-13 4:14 PM

And once again those jealous zeots with no oil well are showing their true colors today..

Blame someone else.. Blame Blame BLame Blame

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Nov-25-13 4:12 PM

Stop our Presdient at every turn..

I think 99% of the people wish Obama had stopped the Obamacare crapola before it became the agenda that killed everyones health insurance. Innocent people who had an insurance policy were singled out.. Those without insurance are being given insurance for free.. Intelligent hard working people who were responsible for their own medical are being kicked off their current insurance and left with the option of being FORCED to go without or spending double for a new policy..(COMMUNISM AT ITS FINEST)

Yes Obama should have been stopped but the yokel Liberals all sang his praises to the highest heavens..

People will DIE because of his actions that you liberals support,but then you support killing babies so why would expect you to not be in favor of killing off anyone who works for a living????

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Nov-25-13 3:22 PM

The crime rate has risen 8% in one stinking year.

Who's going to pay for that?

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Nov-25-13 3:20 PM

@ Legend

"oil taxes pay for oil impacts"


The money grubbing Republican oil freaks wanted this "boom." Let them pay for it.

The oil outsiders are the ones who murdered high school teacher, Sherry Arnold.

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Nov-25-13 1:53 PM

A Budget?

I think high rent. Obamacare, high gas prices, increasding food prices have blown the heck out of any budget anyone might have had 5 years ago.

Sad thing is the Senior population who OWNS their home and has a decent retirement is going to get hit it the pocketbook.. AGAIN..

What the community and the school district and all the other "give me money groups" cannot seem (or don't want to) understand that when you take an extra $100 a month for taxes from a senior ..that person has NO WAY of earning money to replace it.. Your "good will" creates hunger pains in the older generation.

Its time for a city sales tax to be implemented for school buildings and maintencae.. Do away with M&O levies and school bonds..

This should be the case thru out the USA. The guy who owns property should not be stuck for the bill for every person who wonders in and wonders out..

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