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Ramstad spirit lives on

November 21, 2013

Ramstad at the Aud will cease to exist after this week, with the opening of the new Erik?Ramstad Middle School on Minot’s North Hill....

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Nov-26-13 2:49 AM


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Nov-22-13 9:35 PM

I'm sure the millions donated by oil and money raised by the black eyed peas concert was spent splendidly.

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Nov-22-13 9:34 PM

takkak doesn't resort to name calling.

Now, let's get this NO VOTE party started.

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Nov-22-13 11:14 AM

@Legend. Wouldn't the $1million in profit the state fair announced be AFTER all bills are paid (including grandstand bond payments)? The positive gain from an investment or business operation after subtracting for all expenses. More relevant to the article, I agree new schools are needed in the city. For the children to have a better environment, and the teachers’ sanity. I’m willing to take a hit to my taxes for the long term benefit. They sell it as an almost wash with the tax cuts this year, but I’ll believe that if I see it, until then I’ll just cook at home a couple more times a month vs. eating out. We could always vote yes on Dec 10, then vote yes on an eliminate property tax bill for the state in 2014.

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Nov-21-13 8:40 PM

For those of us voting NO we deserve a county and city Government to be proud of. I have watched this pay out for 50 years. I was not very proud of our city than and am less proud as every year goes by. Our children also deserve a city Government to be proud of. Children absorb their parents discussion at the dinner table. What do u think is the reaction of children when their parents say "taxes r high and going higher so we may not be able to buy that Y membership or vacation or anything else we really want". Higher taxes will put many in the county in "survival mode". Do u think they prefer the nice school where they spend 6 or 7 hours a day? The higher taxes r too devastating to many of us and we will vote no.

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Nov-21-13 6:13 PM

I would prefer that kids not just "survive", rather I'd like that they thrive. The Auditorium was a temporary home for Ramstad. They now get to move into a new building that they will be very proud of for decades to come. Yes, they all "survived" the portables. They survived them because there was light at the end of the tunnel, which isn't the case for the other 24 portables still in the district. Our kids deserve to be in facilities they're proud of. Vote yes.

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Nov-21-13 3:58 PM

Two of my sons survived in the portables.

Vote NO on the Bond!

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Nov-21-13 3:52 PM

*after him. Peter Ramstad died on July 14, 1930 at 74 years of age. Erik Ramstad died on January 21, 1951 at 91 years of age. Both brothers died in Minot, North Dakota. Erik Ramstad is buried in the First Lutheran Church Cemetery next to Minot State University

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Nov-21-13 3:51 PM

Erik Ramstad and his brother Peter were natives of Sigdal, Buskerud County, Norway. They were early settlers in the Souris River Valley of North Dakota arriving in May 1883. They staked a claim to property on both the north and south sides of the Souris River. With the coming of the Great Northern Railway during the summer of 1886, Erik Ramstad agreed to relinquish 40 acres of land on the south side of the Souris River, retaining sites north of the river. The Great Northern roundhouse and the Minot business district were both built on this southern acreage. Both Erik and Peter Ramstad remained active in the development of Minot. In 1886, the first Lutheran church service within Minot was held at the Peter Ramstad home. Erik Ramstad later donated part of his remaining property which became the site of Minot State University. Erik Ramstad was involved in local politics for many years. Erik Ramstad Middle School, south of the Minot State University campus, is named aft

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Nov-21-13 2:49 AM

Nice article. "Buildings don't make schools, people make schools." "dry" dams in canada don't provide flood control when they are too full. The school is now safe from flooding. No snow removal on my hill yet. Can't afford it i guess--my answer to another new school. Can you believe the subject of the "new event center" was savored at the state fair meeting? Like kids over the limit on their charge card because they bought too much candy. Rather than get serious about our high taxes, they dream of yet more ways to assure "the show must go on". State fair says they made $1 million. at that rate it would take them 17 years to pay for the new grandstand. But they won't. We pay for it all in state and county taxes. It is long past time to vote no and put this city on a path of prudent spending. The "show" can go on somewhere else. $42 million for flood control and we were flooded. Now we are to broke to repair the damage or get real flood

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