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Settle dispute in court

September 25, 2013

Despite months of discussion, offers and counter-offers, the dispute between the North Dakota State Fair Board and the Ward County Historical Society seems destined to end up in cour....

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Sep-27-13 10:33 PM

BRTSY: $14 to $17 million in tax money which primarily benefits Hostefest and vendors is by definition, corporate welfare. Do we give money to the mall where we can enter and shop free? It is all about money as you said--send WCHS to N. hill because they don,t make much money. They do not charge a fee either. Hostefest might not exist if not for tax money.

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Sep-27-13 9:31 PM

Money talks and the excrement that hits the fan walks.

Until they go to court and then the judge gets to decide what's what.

The historical society didn't ask for this fight and have to go full mode defensive. What gives the state fair board the right to throw their weight around and create a completely ugly situation when all they had to do was extend a helping hand instead of a jackboot on historical society's throat, going all NAZI on everybody in town and handing an 8 centimeter Star of David to display on their sleeves, who says they can do that?

What a bunch of cads we have on the state unfair board, bullying is the word of the day today.

Off with their heads.

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Sep-27-13 10:42 AM

"Settle dispute in court" Lawyers need money too! :-)

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Sep-26-13 12:31 PM

Doesn't the state own the NDSF? If so, that's not really corporate welfare as much as maintenance, repair, or expansion of an existing asset to better serve your clientele. The Hostfest pays to be there, and in many events (including vendors) pay a percentage of sales as well as rental space. (all of this information is public knowledge if you search their website) If improving or expanding the existing space for vendors and events means more events , vendors, and more visitors the expansions will pay for themselves, it’s more of an investment opportunity for the state than an expense. While I like the pioneer village, it’s not an attraction that draws many visitors or makes much money on it’s own merit. With the air shows, firework performances, and unknown other events (thanks to the nice new building that opened this year) on north hill by the Air Museum, the village is better suited to be located on north hill and will probably get just as many quality visitors. In addi

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Sep-26-13 1:11 AM

Why are you so against saving the village from fruther lass and destruction if we have another flood? On one hand you post your feelings about the possibility of another flood and then you push for keeping the historical village in the flood valley. Your thoughts are inchoherent at best.

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Sep-25-13 8:24 PM

One of the draws for me, to the state fair,is Pioneer Village. I have less and less interest in the fair but really enjoy pioneer village and have since it has been there. This is a David and Goliath fight. The big bullies with money want the space at pioneer village.

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Sep-25-13 5:14 PM

Karen Krebsbach reported to our past state legislature that Ward Co. has given some $14 or $17 million to the State Fair over the years. Hostefest benefits from many State Fair improvements and wants a new event center where Pioneer Village is located. A perfect example of why our taxes are so high and going higher but our city/county says they don't have the money to fix all of our broken infrastructure. They have their eyes on a new event center, a bubble at MSU and ready to pay lawyers to give the Historical Society the boot--they have money for all but the most important needs in the county--fixing our infrastructure. My concern with giving tax money to the state fair is it is too much corporate welfare because it benefits the vendors and Hostefest. If the County, Fair Board requests state money for the Fair; and it is granted, it will reduce any amounts requested to pay for schools and oil impacts. Lets stop the Corp. welfare and start to reduce our County real estate taxes.

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