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City should explain budget

September 15, 2013

Bill Treckman, Minot Did I miss something? Back last spring, as the North Dakota Legislature was wrapping up, we saw our elected state legislators telling us how they had passed property tax relief......

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Sep-19-13 2:04 PM

Exactly "Worried American"!!! The people had a choice and voted.... and blew it. And for what? We are getting stuck over and over from all directions regardless.

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Sep-19-13 1:24 PM

Those of you who voted down the proposition to end property taxes, how are you liking it now??? DO YOU STILL LIKE TO KEEP ON GETTING IT STUCK TO YOU LOCALLY???

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Sep-16-13 9:33 AM

That is accurate - now - the strike couldn't have happened at a worse time. The board did offer that any striking teacher could return and all was forgiven and most did return as I believe around 75 were fired. I should note that in my Mom's bridge club two teachers were fired because they went out on strike and two wives of school board members were also in the bridge club. They were longtime friends and remained that way until their deaths many years later. Maybe we could all learn from them how to behave when we disagree.

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Sep-16-13 4:46 AM

The dominant view of the citizens of this city during the flood was that everyone should walk “lockstep” to fight the flood damage. Public support for the teachers strike washed away. This is borne out, when after firing all the striking teachers, the Minot School Board adopted a resolution saying “in this community’s hour of greatest need, this group of teachers saw fit to desert their contracted teaching positions, committing a willful breach of contract. They exhibited the most flagrant dereliction of duty ever witnessed in this stricken community. These teachers were discharged for cause.” The Board then denied all fired teachers requests for reinstatement. Ardell Tharaldson, 2009. I should have written 'immediately continued' the strike after the 69 flood so nancy wouldn't get so distracted from the real issue of the board not being trusted to speak the truth.

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Sep-15-13 11:54 PM

So the answer is too bankrupt the city and county, and put hundreds of people out jobs?

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Sep-15-13 6:34 PM

The second reading of the budget is tomorrow night. The budget was reduced from the 3.74% increase during the first reading, sorry to confuse this discussion with a few facts

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Sep-15-13 2:03 PM

I agree 100% that the city should do a better job at explaining the budget. Specifically, they should also explain how property tax income has been used as poker chips to fund different projects around the city, projects that have been authorized after the budget is passed. Just look at the way the city budgets; for example when the police need new cars, or the fire department needs a new truck, it is not able to be purchased that year. It has to be added to the budget as an encumbrance (a certain amount is saved each year until the amount is saved). This system allows for the council to rob from one account to fund projects which may be considered as questionable. This city needs way more transparency, as well as a smaller government (too many hands in the pot).

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Sep-15-13 1:57 PM

The teachers struck and then the flood happened in 1969. The people of Minot as well as the city and school district did not receive help of any kind - there was no FEMA in 69. The flood - while lower - lasted longer than the 2011 and was awful - just as 2011 was. But the people of Minot - faced with growing student population voted in December of 1969 - after the 69 flood - to pass the bond issue for the school district. Those are the facts and can be easily looked up by going to the library. This was the last bond issue passed in Minot.

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Sep-15-13 1:36 PM

Citizens were angry with the teachers of Minot who went on strike in 69 immediately after the 69 flood which further prolonged the disruption of school. Remember it is always about the children. So again, after the devastation of the flood of 2011, the school district wants the okay for limitless spending. I can't say that there are not needs in Minot, but the school board has asked for a pie in the sky list from Santa, never once listing the basic needs.

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Sep-15-13 1:32 PM

Once a upon a time, a small town 'needed' businesses so there would be more jobs and with more jobs would come more people and with more people, more money into the city coffers from sales tax, property tax, etc. Thus, the need for the Magic Fund which would draw great businesses and in turn great return on the taxpayer's money. So, after so many failures through that endeavor, along came the great flood and oil boom. Both of these have brought new building and businesses to Minot. Now, the city and the school district is in need of more money. Like the purpose of NAWS was changed; the purpose of the Magic Fund should be changed and used for schools, infrastructures and the like. The powers that be need to be honest. Anyone remember when the high school was built? Taxpayers were told that it would hold 3000 students, not the mere 1500 that is does hold?

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Sep-15-13 12:22 PM

All pure, unadulterated baloney.

There was plenty of money to go around for Sykes and the likes of others like them.

It has been money given (misspent) and little regard for the taxpayer until the time comes when even more money is 'needed' read 'wanted'.

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Sep-15-13 8:36 AM

Years and years of neglect, stagnate population, and no growth in the property tax in general/inflation? School problem is self explanatory with enrollment up. The city infrastructure being put aside for years and years, projects being put off for the sake of keeping the pitchfork crowd away from City Hall.

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Sep-15-13 7:56 AM

Property taxes were at one time a reasonable cost and it was not a difficult task to meet the payment.

Over the years the increases steadily wear away at your ability to pay more and what could be spent for upkeep on a home now goes to property tax.

I feel as though I am being robbed by crooks in suits.

It is a crime for these taxes to keep increasing and no relief for the average joe.

The answer is to not pay the tax, which will place the city and county govs in a hard place. They will have to beg for what they can get.

A property tax revolt will work and the city and county govs will be forced to cut because they cannot procure the funds.

A tax revolt is a potential solution to this madness.

After one year of no revenue from the citizens, the city and county will be completely broke.

There will be no way out for them and is probably what should happen.

Property taxes are becoming a cost too great to bear.

There has to be another way.

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