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School board sets date for bond issue election

September 6, 2013

The Minot Public School Board has set Dec. 10 as the date for an upcoming $125 million bond issue electio....

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Sep-08-13 9:06 PM

So fortunate property tax measure was defeated-We now have local control such that property taxes can be increased-strange that the local developers do not understand the public was asking for relief from this taxation or maybe they just don't care--lets just fleece property owners more.

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Sep-07-13 6:04 PM

A lot is two words - not one.

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Sep-07-13 1:06 PM

****nd2020andbeyond****.... Read, learn, educate

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Sep-07-13 11:06 AM

It has a lot to do with it... How many resources besides building a new school will they need? Are there parents contributing meaningfully by paying property taxes or are they just using resources? Ask yourself, why are they here? What skills do they bring? I am all for people being able to migrate where they see fit, but I want the best coming north... I have lived outside the confines of North Dakota...

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Sep-07-13 10:39 AM

My question is what does the ethnicity of the students have to do with the discussion?

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Sep-07-13 10:29 AM

When and why did the Hispanic Population surpass the Native American Population? We have to build a new school simply to teach them? How did they get here, who brought them here? What high paying jobs are they working at? where did all the African Sub-Saharn 50 year old men come from? Why are they here? They do not speak English, they do not drive cars, they do not seem to have any purpose, who brought them here. They will all end up on the welfare roles. Did FEMA drop them off here? The average welfare recent in North Dakota is collecting 30,000 per year. Did Jack Dalrymple bring them here as a voting pool? His Vision 2020 has greater Diversity as his number 5 goal by 2020. Ask the state of Minnesota how this faux diversity has helped them with classroom overcrowding, gang violence, rising taxes for property owners. Do you realize that Minnesota has the largest Somalian population in the country outside of Somalia? This Diversity cost a Minot family their lives 2 years ago.

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Sep-06-13 1:07 PM

FARGO (AP) - Members of North Dakota's high school graduating class of 2013 who took the ACT college readiness assessment scored slightly lower than the national average. Building buildings doesn't seem to be the answer if our students are not learning anything in them, correct?

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Sep-06-13 12:57 PM

Bring back the proposal to eliminate the property taxes,and have it voted on again! I predict it would pass this go round!!

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Sep-06-13 12:53 PM

Let us not forget the city also wants another additional 3.75% increase again!

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Sep-06-13 12:38 PM

So you're saying $1,000 increase a year isn't so bad. You have to remember some people's housing valuations went up almost $50,000 by itself that equates more than $600 just in property taxes before the bond. Now how fair is that?

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Sep-06-13 12:03 PM

What is wrong with portables the Minot School System has been using them for 20 years! Why all the sudden rush to build new schools? The boom will be gone and so will all these school kids and their parents and all the current long term residents will be stuck with the taxes once again! Wake up Minot! JUST SAY NO TO ANY MORE TAX INCREASES!!! This town needs to live within its means just like the rest of us!

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Sep-06-13 10:55 AM

I feel the same as everyone else concerning raising property taxes yet again. But on this one we owe it to our children to pass this bond issue. With the increase in population we not only need more schools we also need to renovate the ones we already have so that our children can receive a quality education. Our Children should not have to be taught out of portables.

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Sep-06-13 9:35 AM

The City of Grand Forks has an online tool from 2012 to compare property taxes across the state. Using a $200,000 house as an example:

Jamestown, 2.013%, $4026.42 Devils Lake, 1.979%, $3957.48 Wahpeton, 1.938%, $3875.04 Mandan, 1.842%, $3684.42 Grand Forks, 1.836%, $3672.90 Valley City, 1.74%, $3479.76 Fargo, 1.733%, $3466.17 West Fargo, 1.668%, $3336.12 Dickinson, 1.584%, $3168.81 Minot, 1.528%, $3056.13 Bismarck, 1.432%, $2864.07 Williston, 1.429%, $2858.76

As of last year, Minot was near the BOTTOM as far as property taxes go. Yes, any increase *****. But a little research will show that compared to most other cities in the state its not that bad.

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Sep-06-13 9:30 AM

Bismarck passed their bond issue by over 80%.

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Sep-06-13 6:25 AM

are we already #1 in property tax rates or do we need this extra whammy in order to stay #1? Why Not Minot ? insane taxes for one reason. Attn new people coming in - chk out bismarck - they don't raise their property and sales taxes every yr like the 'magic city'.

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