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Attempted murder suspect arraigned

September 4, 2013

Seated in court in a blue jumpsuit, wearing leg shackles and handcuffs, Minot State University football player Jesse Devon Ili, 21, West Covina, Calif....

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Sep-05-13 7:02 PM

@leftwing.. Each NCAA member is responsible for deciding whether to establish an institutional drug testing program at which time the school would be responsible for deciding the applicable penalty. If a testing program is established the school is obligated to enforce the penalty of 25% of your eligibility which would be one year suspension from All collegiate sports as mandated by the NCAA.

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Sep-04-13 7:50 PM

One more point the NCAA has policies outlined for those who test positive for banned substances which marijuana would be one, and that penalty is loss of all athletics for one year and then until a negative test is taken y the athlete, maybe the coaches are waiting for the test results and the NCAA to punish them, which apparently some have already plead guilty to.

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Sep-04-13 7:37 PM

Are you saying that this guy is always a loose canon? What did he ingest? What was he smoking? This guy obviously has anger problems and if a tazer could not stop him then a jail cell will

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Sep-04-13 6:36 PM

@zagsfan...let's not jump on the 'Black Mamba,K2, Spice' train so fast. I think you have been watching American Gangster a bit too often. Let us keep in mind here that this guy is a classified giant whose been known to have aggressiveness issues. I mean he could've just taken his licks for the Mary Jane like everyone else did. Then he'd be out $500 bucks and doing some good ol' Community Service and be bashing heads again in no time. ...Not police officers half his size heads, like football player heads. It's funny to me that you are jumping to weird drugs right away. If this kid has trouble being told what to do and wants to bash your face in, it looks like he's just going to do it. Some people don't need K2 to do stupid stuff. Your hearts in the right place, but keep your Crack, Boom, Pow in the Law and Order episode. Nothing to see here, move along.

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Sep-04-13 5:01 PM're silly. Just adorable.

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Sep-04-13 4:55 PM

@shirleycourt... If you really feel you have done nothing wrong why try to flee the officer? Why ingest some substance? Without the initial crime of using an illegal substance there would have been no melee. This guy obviously was under the influence of something massive... Black Mamba, BHO, Spice, K2 or maybe ecstasy or Molly... something that made his tazerproof, dillusional, disrespectful, unintelligible, and plain out rabidly instinctive.

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Sep-04-13 4:31 PM

Lest we forget amidst all this banter, the dude was "holding Officer Schmidt by the head and repeatedly slamming his head into a retaining wall post."

The weed is not the issue. Drugs or no drugs, he beat a peace officer. That's the real crime.

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Sep-04-13 3:38 PM

@minotdad.... Focus...focus.... I think there are laws on the books for the crimes they committed and they will either be jailed or they will not be... The issue is whether they should be allowed to remain on the team since they have obviously violated NCAA drug policies. They have sent a clear message to the coaching staff where their priorities lie and it is not in bettering themselves or helping the football team achieve success. This thing was all over the news, ESPN picked it up, every scouting blog picked it up. I know that when your kids face these issues they will be glad they have you to make excuses for them and change the subject away from what the actual matter at hand is. These guys have failed themselves, their teammates their parents, grandparents, the community, the college, and the coaches. Life lessons are not always easy or palatable but they must be learned And this is a teachable moment.

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Sep-04-13 3:28 PM

Zagsfan, so because you violate campus code you should be jailed? That's how you want to put our tax dollars to use? Many family lives have been bettered by drug (medication) use. Many "drugs" are legal if you have a prescription, but the chemical is still the same. You give a carte blanche exemption to practitioner discretion. Have doctors never made a mistake? Perhaps prescribed something when it shouldn't have been or failed to prescribe medication when it should have? Just because something is illegal or legal doesn't necessarily mean it is right or wrong. That's the beauty of reason. There are those that accept the rule because it has the cloak of being correct and wish to look no further; the ones that ask why begin to realize how much we really don't know. Don't assume that just because our legislature has acted or failed to act means that it was the correct outcome. Anyone of us could be a representative, no special training required.

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Sep-04-13 12:54 PM

@beaversupporter.. To equate speeding or drinking a legal product is ridiculous. Underage drinking is punishable. They have violated substance abuse policies set forth by the NCAA and that alone should be enough. Marijuana is illegal in North Dakota regardless do what you think. They are also accused of ingesting a controlled substance. I am sure they appreciate you dumbing down what crimes they have committed. It only takes a big mouth to be a supporter, it should take a backbone to be an athletic director or coach. This thing is a black mark on athletics at MSU and they know it, that is why they mentioned it. On a personal note, do you know one family whose lives has been bettered by drug use? do you think these guys have been bettered by making the front page for antics instead of academics or athletics?

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Sep-04-13 12:39 PM

Serve time for smoking a joint and be kicked off the team? If that's the case then everyone who drinks underage should be thrown in jail, everyone caught speeding and running red lights should be fired from the job they have and anybody who happens to talk back to their parents should be taken into foster care and abused. We have to make sure the punishment fits the crime according to ChasinND

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Sep-04-13 9:34 AM

Throw him in the cell and throw the key away. The other bunch better serve some time as well. They also should be kicked of the team as well. These just proves the fact that it's all about SPORTS first and education is dead last. Way to go MSU aka: Money Sucking University!!!

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